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Bergeon Watch Tools

Bergeon watch tools supplied worldwide by Otto Frei are considered the best watch tools available for watchmakers and jewelers around the world. Otto Frei offers the complete line of Bergeon's High Quality Watch Tools. Please check out these links below for just a sample selection of Bergeon Watchmakers Tools.

Bergeon Waterproof Testers

Bergeon Waterproof Case Tester 10ATM #5555/10
Now on Sale! This is the newest waterproof case tester from Bergeon. The Bergeon 5555/10 can waterproof test to 10ATM (100 meters - 330 feet). The Bergeon 5555/10, features a removeable cylinder for easy draining, pump handle to manually increase pressure, can hold up to 2 watches at a time, and tests water resistance from 0 - 10 ATM.

Bergeon Watch Case Openers


Bergeon Watch Hand Removers and Hand Setting Tools


Bergeon Model 50 Lathe Accessories


Bergeon Watch Escapement Tester Tool


Bergeon Lathes


Click Here For Individual Sizes Of Bergeon Collet Chucks


Bergeon-Tecnoli Gear Cutters


Bergeon Swiss Made Watchmakers Screwdrivers

Click Here For Bergeon Swiss Made Watchmakers Screwdrivers

The Original Bergeon Screwdriver Blades & Fixing Screws

Which Blades is Best, The Original or New Stainless Steel Blades
The original blades made with softer metal than the stainless steel blades. Some prefer to used the original blades with their Stainless Steel Screwdrivers when working with older watches that do not have stainless steel screw.

Bergeon's Jacot Pivot Lathes


Bergeon Staking Tools


Watchmaker's Service Tool Kits by Bergeon

Click Here For Popular Bergeon Watch Repair Tool Kits

Bergeon Pin Punches


Bergeon Crystal Press and Bergeon Watch Case Closers

Need a New Press, or want to add to your collection of Screw-on Dies for the Bergeon Press.


Bench Top Accessories


Broaches, Burnishers & Files


Bergeon 5914 Reversible Movement Holders with Knob

In sizes from 4 1/4 ligne to 22 ligne.

Case Holders, Watch


Cleaning Supplies


Collet Tools & Roller Removers


Crystal Accessories




High Speed Drills & Drill Accessories

SPHINX SPIREC High Speed Steel Micro Drills
On Sale!
Made in Switzerland

Dust Blowers


Hairspring Tools


Hand, Setting Tools


Magnifiers & Eye Loupes for Watchmakers


Measuring Devices, Gauges


Miscellaneous Watch Tools


Movement Holders


Oilers & Oil Cups


Pin Vises


Rouges & Buffing Wheels


Scratch Brushes


Screwdrivers, Watchmakers


Watch Bracelet Tools


Watch Strap Tools


Watchmaker's Benches


Waterproof Testers


MINATHOR, Watchmakers Knife Discontinued, Some Parts Available


More Minathor and Bergeon/Horotec Refill Punches & Screwdriver Blades


Pliers & Watch Stem Cutters


Automatic Watch Winders


Anvils & Riveting Stakes


Bergeon 16200 Clock Bushing Tool


Bergeon Assortments of Watch Parts


Bergeon 7066 Bottle for Epilame

Specially designed glass bottle for Epilame. For use with Moebius-Fixodrop No 8940, 8941, 8950, 8951. Comes with bottle, cap, and basket.


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Bergeon Fall 2017 Specials

Bergeon Fall Season Specials For 2017


Bergeon Seitz Pivot Straightener 30350-D-02

A wonderful tool that sure looks good. Allows the pivots to be straightened without breaking due to a control device as well as a screw fitted with a stop. 41 Jewelled holes diam. 0.07 - 0.15 mm. Progression 0.025 mm. Bergeon reference #30350-D-02.


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Replacement Tips Bergeon 7825 Extra Fine Forked Spring Bar Tweezers, Sold Per Pair

Pair of replacement extra fine tips measuring at 1.00 mm diameter for the Bergeon 7825 Tweezers for removing and installing spring bars..


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Bergeon 4084 Stem Cutter With Adjustable Guide

Brand New! Just found this Bergeon Stem Cutter, unfortunately like so many watch tools this item is no longer available. Great for cutting one stem or multiple stems the same length.


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Bergeon 7825 Extra Fine Forked Tweezers to Fit Spring Bars

Spring bar fitting tweezers with extra fine tips measuring at 1.00 mm diameter. This tool is great for bracelets with small spring bar openings. Allows to take off the bracelet from the watchcase without removing the clasp.


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Bergeon 30007 Original Version, Incomplete Countersink Assortment

Bergeon discontinued the original version of this product quite a few years ago and replaced it with BERG-30007-MD12 $1,295.00 and BERG-30007-MD15 $2,262.00.

This 30007 countersink assortment is new, however years ago (when we thought replacements were available) we sold the 1.60 and 5.00 sizes. Sizes in this set: 1.30, 1.90, 2.20, 2.50, 2.80, 3.10, 3.40, 3.70, 4.00 and 4.50 mm.

Close up view of the countersinks and pivots of the incomplete 30007 set.


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