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Demagnetizer and a Magnetizer Video



Bergeon 31103 Compass in a Box

This is not your dine store compass. A jewelled needle compass in a wooden box. Only Bergeon can offer you a product like this to check if a watch is magnetized. The chrome plated compass is only 13 mm in diameter. Every serious watchmakers should have one of these, and if you sell watches for $5,000.00 or more you should give you customer one of these as a gift.

Precision compass for testing magnetism; jewelled model sapphire on hardened steel point, chromium plated brass.

Principle: An object is magnetized when one end of the compass-needle is attracted and the other repelled by it. If the needle is attracted at both ends, there is no magnetism.


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High Amperage Pass Through Demagnetizer

The unit has superior field strength due to the relatively high amperage that it draws. The consequence is fairly rapid heating of the field coil. It is recommended that a single duty cycle be limited to 5 seconds on and 3 minutes off, or three 5 seconds cycles on and 10 minutes off. This unit is wired with a thermal protector. If the above duty cycles are not observed, the thermostat may open and the unit will not operate until it has cooled sufficiently. Features a 1 1/2" X 3" opening.


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Horotec Magtest 19.910

Horotec Magtest is an electronic device for detecting magnetism, demagnetization and control of magnetic remanence of watches, movements, watchmaking tools, and parts. It combines the measurement function with the demagnetization function in a single device. Items are placed on the Detect Zone to detect magnetism and results are displayed on the LCD touch screen. Items are then moved to the Demag Zone to commence demagnetizing.

There are 5 sensors and one of them is located in the center of the detection zone. The others are located on the corners of a 1.5 cm square. They can measure the force of magnetism and the position. A dot on the LCD screen shows a sensor with its position and the dot size is proportional to the magnetic force. If the LCD screen displays the presence of magnetism without any magnetic objects on the surface of detection, it is recommended to make a manual zero setting by pushing the off button. Power adapter can take voltages ranging from 100 to 240 volts.

MSA 19.910

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