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Collet Tools & Roller Removers


Bergeon Balance Holder 30106, REPLACED BY 30110

Tool with holes for balances in nickel-plated brass and is 35 mm in diameter.


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Bergeon Delrin Balance Holder 30106-D, REPLACED BY 30110-D

Tool with holes for balances in Delrin and is 36 mm in diameter.


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Bergeon 2810 Roller Remover

Everyone needs one of these Bergeon roller removers.


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Bergeon 4852 Roller Remover Vydiax

Who says new tools are not being developed for Watchmakers. This Bergeon tool is very good and has only been on the market for a few years. For turning and removing rollers, made in nickle plated brass.


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Bergeon Collet Closing Tool 3007

Collet-tightening and reaming tool. Five different notches for tightening all sizes of hairspring collets and for reaming.


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Bergeon Roller Remover 30070

Roller seat fits in the "V" slot, use slight pressure on the punch and the roller is removed. With 2 punches, hole 0.10 and 0.20 mm.


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Bergeon 5482 Pivot Rounder

The rounding part of the tool is jewelled and should be used with a lubricant. I've heard others say that this tool can be used with Diamantine or similar product to round the tips of balance pivots.


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Bergeon 7995 Balance Bridge Support "Balance Tack"

Enables the watchmaker to position the balance bridge with his balance-spring, while avoiding polluting the staff pivot with oil. Simply place the balance bridge screw hole through the brass spike and now you can easily make any corrections, inspections or repairs. Swiss made.


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Balance Tack

Just slip the cock over the pin tip with the balanced still attached. A balance tack is a fast and simple holder of collet that everyone should have.


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Bergeon 6887 Stud Holder

This New Bergeon Stud Holder is top of the line. A very helpful tool when when fitting a new hairspring stud. Dimensions: 40 x 46 mm.


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Bergeon Levers for Balance Cock 5432-A

Handle in plastic.


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Bergeon Levers for Balance Cock 5432-B

Opening of 10 mm.


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Broaches For Hairspring Collet 0.50 mm

Black knurled handle. Measures 98 mm in length.


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For Turning and Setting Hairspring Collets Ex. 1.10 mm, Hole 0.45

Black knurled handle. Exterior diameter: 1.10, Hole diameter: 0.45 mm, Length: 95 mm.


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Bergeon Polystyrene Red Stick

Polystyrene stick with pointed end on one side and flat end on the other. Length is 135 mm with 4 mm diameter.


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Bergeon 3010 Tube-Tightener Set in Wood

Bergeon tool for tightening crown, case and hand tubes. This is the correct way to tighten any tubes between 0.40 to 2.60 millimeters.

In wooden case. With 18 interchangeable collets and 1 lever. The pipes are tightened evenly over their entire circumference. This ensures that they fit firmly and evenly on the hand arbor or crown.


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Bergeon 31081-TETC ETA Chron Regulator Adjusting Tool

Screwdriver with blade to turn out ETACHRON Pitons. Fine adjustment of the spiral centering between the racket pins. Has small opening at the tip for adjusting the regulator pins. Overall length: 3.75 inches.


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Bergeon 31081-EETC ETA Chron Stud Removing Tool

Screwdriver with blade to remove ETACHRON Pitons. Has small fork shaped tip for removing the stud block. Overall length: 3.75 inches.

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Bergeon 7990 Support for Cleaning the Impulse Pin

Allows stable support of the balance complete without damaging the hairspring when cleaning the impulse pin.


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Hairspring Tools


For Turning and Setting Hairspring Collets Ex. 1.60 mm, Hole 0.55

Black knurled handle. Exterior diameter: 1.60, Hole diameter: 0.55 mm, Length: 95 mm.


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For Turning and Setting Hairspring Collets Ex. 2.10 mm, Hole 0.75

Black knurled handle. Exterior diameter: 2.10, Hole diameter: 0.75 mm, Length: 95 mm.


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