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Omega Watch Parts, Tools, Bracelets

After 85 years of supplying Omega watch parts the Swatch Monopoly which controls Omega will no longer sell us or any other Independent Watch Parts Distributor in the World. The items on the site are the only items we can supply as the World's governing bodies and Courts have done little to stop the Swiss Watch Companies Restrictive Parts and Trade Practices. We invite all watch owners to voice their complaints directly to the Watch Companies as well to Government agencies and officials.

Omega Watch Movement Parts Are Ordered By Caliber Number. Case numbers are used to select all case parts (bezel, crown, crystals, dial, gaskets, bracelets). The case number is located inside the back case, once you opened and removed the case back.

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We have no information by model name or date.

Genuine Omega Case Pushers and Helium Release Valves


End Links For Omega Bracelets


Genuine Omega Watch Hands




Omega Bezels, Genuine for Omega Watches


Omega Bracelet Clasps


Omega Bracelet Links


Omega Case Backs and Enlargement Rings


Omega Constellation Decorative Claws


Omega Watch Dials

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Omega Watch Mainsprings


Omega Genuine Metal Watch Bracelets, Leather and Rubber Straps


Omega Watch Crowns


Omega Watch Movement Parts


Omega Watch Movements


Omega Watch Parts Number & Terms


Omega Watch Straps Buckles

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Omega Watches - American Components


Parts For Omega Bracelet Clasps


Parts for Omega Watch Bracelets

Pins, Tubes, End-Cap Sleeves, Decors & Screws

Special Tools For Omega


Omega Watch Cases


Omega Day And Date Dials


Genuine Omega Spring Bars


Gaskets For Omega Watches


Looking For A Watch Part?


Omega Case Clamps & Screws


Stems For Omega Watch Movements


Omega Case Tubes For Watch Crowns




Constellation End-Cap Sleeves and Central Decors


Dumont Tweezers

Dumont Tweezers, Swiss Made for Watchmakers, Medical, Cosmetology Beauty Care, Electronic Industry.

Plus Bergeon, Horotec and others brands of Tweezers.


Omega Titanium Bracelet Information


Watch Tools, All Kinds of Watchmakers Tools


TimeZone.Com On-line Watch School

Learn the Basics of Watch Repair while making your own Watch

U.S. Citizens Should Have Right To Watch Parts & Competitive Local Watch Service Market

If you need parts and service, then you have reason to write the FTC and demand that they do something about the Swiss Watch Companies Restrictive Parts, which is costing you extra money.

American Jewelers Cannot Hire/Employ USA Taxpaying Citizens Watchmakers If Parts Not Available

Jewelers, let the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) know that the Swiss industry parts restriction policies are harming your business and causing you to lose customers and sales.

American Watchmakers In Order To Work Need To Be Able To Buy Parts

Watchmakers! You need to let the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) know that the Swiss industry parts restriction policies are harming your businesses and your harming customers. Click Here to find out more!

Instructions needed to order Omega Case and Movement Parts


Make Your Own Watch

It is possible to make your own watches, using the selection of cases, dials and hands we offer.

We have many styles cases with choices of sapphire glass or harden mineral glass along with dials and hands to fit popular ETA & SELLITA Swiss Made mechanical movements 7750, 6497-1, 6498-1, 2824-2, 2836-2, 2804-2, 2801-2 . We also have cases and dials to fit the popular Ronda Swiss Made Quartz Movement Ronda 515. You'll find a large selection of hands, all the straps and tools you need to start assembling your own special watches.


Generic Omega Watch Parts


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While the Otto Frei Jewelry Department isn't 90 years old, like the Watch Material Department. Still, Otto Frei has sold some of these Jewelry Products directly to retail jewelers for more than 80 years.
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For stock checks on watch parts not listed on the site please call the watch material department at 510-832-0355 ext 2., Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time Zone.
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We have been selling genuine Omega watch parts as a distributor in the USA for the agents for Omega Spare parts both here in America and Switzerland for over 80 years. Both Otto Frei and his wife, Alice Frei were born and trained in the trade in Switzerland, they first began distributing Genuine Swiss and American Watch Parts in 1930. When formed, Otto Frei was quick to join Watch Material and Jewelry Distributors Association, now called the JIDA for the Jewelry Industry Distributors Association of which we are still members of. Today, 85 years later we are still located only a few blocks away from our original address here in Oakland, California.

Omega SA, of Bienne Switzerland, in their 1954 parts catalog, stressed the fact that "a carefully assorted stock of spare parts is indispensable to the official agent and the watchmaker wishing to organize their workshop rationally and to ensure the efficiency of their after-sales service." The 1954 catalog also states that later to be published supplementary sheets, “will then become the valuable, even indispensable, guide of all those who are collaborating in furthering the reputation of the Omega after-sales service.” It was the independent material distributors, at that time located in every major city in large numbers (Boston and San Francisco,which have now have none had up to 10 material distributors in the 40s & 50s), who bore the brunt of stocking locally all the parts needed by a world still running on the mechanical movements. Unlike today, mechanical watches needed to be cleaned and serviced at least once a year. Without a strong network of parts and service, no watch company could grow from the 1920s to the 1980s. These were the days before FedEx and local material houses were all over the place. We at Otto Frei, have during the many decades of our watch parts distribution for American, Swiss and Japanese watch companies did and continue to carry a strong stock of Omega popular watch parts making it possible for our watch repair customers to repair and service a large number of old and new Omega calibers is just a matter of a few days. We hope this website with the collaboration and help our long standing relationship as distributors for the exclusive Omega Spare Part agents both in Switzerland as well as their agents here in the USA, that we will help the watchmaker in finding the correct part as well as getting that part in a timely manner.

Omega, now owned by Swatch, has had a long history of watch parts distribution through a network of wholesale watch parts distributors in the USA. Historically, and even to this day, Omega SA in Bienne has sold spare parts using a network of agents inside and outside of Switzerland. However, the Swatch Group has announced that at the end of 2015 they will stop all worldwide distribution of parts all Distributors of Parts. Omega for decades has appointed several Swiss companies as the exclusive worldwide distributors for Omega parts. Inside the USA we have sold and distributed genuine Omega parts thru the official Omega Agents of Norman M. Morris Corporation, which was in charge of Omega inside the USA for many decades.

To allow the Norman M. Morris Corporation to spend time promoting and selling watches inside the USA the Hammel Riglander & Co Inc, Ben Jadow of B. Jadow and Sons, Inc. who was the original creator and owner of the Bestfit Watch Parts System and also The Newall Manufacturing Company were given the right to buy from Omega SA in Bienne and the task of serving the needs of the independent wholesales parts distributors who numbered close to a thousand companies back in the 50s.

The collapse of the Swiss watch industry (late 1970s early 1980s) had a severe affect on Omega as an independent maker of watch movements and watches. The Norman M. Morris Corporation was no longer in collaboration with Omega and the Swiss Watch Technical Service Center was opened in Lancaster, Pa. at old home of the Hamilton Watch Company (Hamilton once the finest American Watch Company also had collapsed and was sold just before this). The Swiss Watch Technical Service Center was created to fill the void created when the independent Watch companies in the very rough climate of the 70s and 80s could no longer afford to maintain their own service and parts distribution offices inside the USA. The Swiss Watch Technical Service Center sold Omega Watch Parts to Otto Frei-Jules Borel Inc as well as other watch material distributors like us for many years.

Just a few years ago the Swiss Watch Technical Service Center was renamed to Swatch Group US. Everything else was to remain the same, we were told and that Swatch who by now grew large, had become the owner of just about all the brands of watches the Swiss Watch Technical Service Center was distributing parts and serving watches for that it was only natural for them take over this task and to change the name.

Swatch Group US, supplied us Otto Frei-Jules Borel Inc, a wholesale which parts distributor located in Oakland, California Omega watch parts for resale to watchmakers from Lancaster, Pa for many years before leaving Lancaster for New Jersey. In New Jersey Swatch Group USA, no longer had the ability to service the needs of the still alive and well but now smaller USA network of efficient watch material distributors most of which have been serving American watchmakers for 60 years or longer. These fellow watch material distributors are led and run by hard working family business that together employ thousands of people across the country. In June of 2004 Material distributors like us were told to use Newall and Bestfit inside the USA for our Omega parts needs in a fax we received from Swatch Group US just before the move from Lancaster. These two companies in fact had always been better and faster with a more efficient system of service for about 90 percent of all of the Omega material needs for the American Wholesale Watch Parts Distributor. The members of the JIDA wholesale watch parts distributors like us, based here in the USA kept the lines and flow of Omega watch parts open and available to the American Watchmakers and for the benefit of the citizens of the USA who own Omega watches, which were supplied with genuine Omega watch parts following an American tradition of competitive prices and free trade.

We do not sell Omega Watches we only sell parts to be used to repair Omega watches. If you are looking for a watchmaker to repair an Omega watch please see the home page of for a link to the AWI where you will be able to locate watchmakers by state listings.

Omega products are free of all defects from workmanship and quality. If you receive an Omega product and spot a defect in workmanship or quality during your opening and inspecting the shipment return the item at once for exchange for like product which will be free of all defects in workmanship or quality, which means standard Omega quality.

Omega does not guarantee how the product will wear or perform under the conditions you might subject the product to.

Dear Bob, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am sorry to hear that Omega has made this move. Every company seems to be tightening up more and more. It really makes me not want to buy watches from the big conglomerates because they control everything so tightly. I understand that they want to control the aftersales experience, but when they take away a customers options I see quality suffer because of bad factory service in both lead time, quality of repair, competitive pricing, and customer care and interactions. Many of the customers complain that the call centers are blunt, rude, and unaccommodating. It is a sad shame. For what it is worth, you guys are the best! Keep up the good work.