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Dumont Tweezers

You want "Good Tweezers" Dumont makes good tweezers. If you want "Really Good Tweezers" Dumont makes really good tweezers as well. If you need the "Very Best Tweezers" made in Switzerland, then the Dumont Tweezers Line of High Precision and Medical Biology Quality are the very best tweezers available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Dumoxel and Dumostar metals.

Dumont is considered the manufacturer of the world's finest tweezers. Dumont tweezers are available in eight styles, three classes, and four types. Each style is for a different task or purpose. The three classes are " Dumont Original Tweezers- High Precision", "High Tech - Dumont Electronic Tweezers Quality" and the Medical Biology Quality Forceps / Tweezers . The High Tech Electronic is Dumont's economy line of tweezers. They are not as well finished as the Original line, but use some of the same alloys and offer excellent value at the price. The four different types (alloys) are as follows. Top quality (and expensive) is the DUMOSTAR line. The Dumostar are made of a super-hard (Rockwell minimum 61) alloy that is magnetic-resistant (anti-magnetic), and acid and rust resistant. I find the hardness of these tweezers worth the cost, as with careful use, they will keep their points almost indefinitely. The CARBON line is very hard, but can be magnetized. These excellent, durable tweezers require occasional de-magnetization. The STAINLESS STEEL line is not quite as hard as the Carbon tweezers, and also requires occassional de-magnetization. Finally, the DUMOXEL line offers a reasonably-priced, magnetic-resistant, stainless-steel tweezers with the approximate hardness of the regular Stainless Steel tweezers. In those tweezers used the most--particularly the #2 and #5 styles--I would buy the best tweezers you can afford. In other, more exotic styles, buy quality according to the amount of use you will give the tweezers.

In selecting styles, remember that finer-tipped tweezers (like the 3, 3c, and 5) allow finer work, but are not strong enough to grip larger and heavier parts. The finer-tipped styles tend to shoot parts if over-gripped and should be restricted to work that demands the finer tip. For the beginner, a #2, a #5, and perhaps a #1 suffices until more experience is gained and personal tastes dictate the addition of other styles.


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Click Here For Style #1 Dumont Tweezers

This is a fairly strong (sturdy), but fine-pointed tweezers with tapered shanks that can be used for finer general work. It is finer-tipped than the #2 sytle, which is generally preferred for most general work.

Click Here For Style #2 Dumont Tweezers

This is the most used tweezers in watchmaking. The sturdy, long tips are slightly wider than the #1, with flat edges that assist gripping with the side. This is the ideal tweezers for handling and manipulating most parts.

Click Here For Style #2A Dumont Tweezers


Click Here For Style #3 Dumont Tweezers

This is a very sharp, fine-tipped tweezers with bevelled edges. It is used for very fine work on anti-shock springs, some balance spring work, and other very fine parts.

Click Here For Style #3C Dumont Tweezers

This tweezer is similar to the #3, but shorter.

Click Here For Style #4 Dumont Tweezers

Style #4 Dumont Tweezers are the finest-pointed tweezers made. The shank is indented. Along with the #5, these are used primarily for hairspring work. The #5 is usually preferred because of the narrower shanks and tips.

Click Here For Style #5 Dumont Tweezers

This is the most popular style for hairspring and other fine work. With tips as fine as the Style 4, the #5 has narrower shanks and is exceptionally well-balanced and usable for a variety of tasks.

Click Here For Style #6 Dumont Tweezers

These tweezers provide sharp, stout, extremely sturdy, angled tips for wire-wrapping, forming, and bending. They are special-use tweezers that provide a lot of power to the work and are not often used but are indispensable when needed.

Click Here For Style #7 Dumont Tweezers

These tweezers provide a tip very similar to the Style #1, but with curved shanks. The curve allows resting the hand on the bench while working. This style would be selected as a matter of personal preference. Like the tip of the Style #1, the tip of the #7 is not as strong as the Style #2.

Dumont Tweezers with Wooden Tips

Dumont Swiss Made Tweezers with Replaceable Wood Tips

Dumont Cosmetology Beauty Care Tweezers

Swiss Made popular Dumont Cosmetology Beauty Care Tweezers.

Dumont Medical Biology Tweezers


Bergeon Tweezers

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Horotec Tweezers


Low Cost Tweezers Made in India


Used Watchmakers Tweezers Sets & Speciality Tweezers


Bergeon 4985 Tool For Straightening Tips Of Tweezers

Bergeon developed and designed this tool to straighten tips on tweezers.
Comes with two different tweezers holders with the ability to adjust the length.
Ends of the holders have a screw on or off collet making inserting of tweezers easier.

Slide the holder in the base while the tips contact the stone.


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