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Style #5 Dumont Tweezers

Dumont Pattern 5 Style Tweezers is the most popular style for hairspring and other fine work. With tips as fine as the Pattern Style 4, the #5 has narrower shanks and is exceptionally well-balanced and usable for a variety of tasks.

Style #5, Dumostar Dumont Tweezers, Swiss Made

The Dumostar material takes off where the Carbon and Dumoxel leave off. Dumostar is much harder than the Dumoxel giving you strong tips like Carbon Steel, however the Dumostar metal is non-magnetic and non-rust and non-corrosive. Tweezer length is 110 mm/4.334 inches, tips are 0.06 mm by 0.10 mm at the points.


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Style #5, Original Dumoxel (Anti-Mag Stainless) Dumont Tweezers, Swiss Made

The Original High Precision Dumont Dumoxel (Anti-Magnetic Stainless) Pattern Style #5 is the watchmakers favorite tweezers for watch hairsprings and other delicate, fine work. Tweezer length is 110 mm/4.334 inches, tips are 0.06 mm by 0.10 mm at the points.


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Style #5, Carbon Steel Dumont Tweezers, Swiss Made

Carbon Steel, the strongest metal allows for the finest points with tips sizes. The Dumont Carbon Steel Style 5 has tips of 0.04 mm x 0.08 mm. Tweezer length is 110 mm/4.334 inches.

Carbon Steel at Rockwell 60 is the hardest steel used in the original Dumont tweezer line. The hardest of carbon steel makes the tips more durable than stainless steel. The benefits of carbon steel comes with drawbacks as well. Carbon is stiffer than Stainless, however is more likely to break if stressed, easily magnetized and will rust and stain if used around chemicals or just plain water or even high humidity conditions. Watchmakers by taking proper care of cleaning, oiling and storing of carbon steel tweezers have been know to use the same tweezers for decades without replacing them.


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Style #5, High Tech Non-Magnetic Dumont Tweezers, Swiss Made


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