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Omega Genuine Metal Watch Bracelets, Leather and Rubber Straps

Bracelet numbers are stamped on the back of the Bracelet Clasps.
Complete bracelet numbers look like this 1503/825.
The first four digits is the bracelet body and the last three is the end piece.
End Piece nunbers are stamped on the end piece.
Some Titanium bracelets only have the end link number stamped on it.
Use the Titanium end link number on the bracelet page to determine the bracelet number.

Use the Bracelet numbers to order links and tubes.
The bracelet number does not designate the color or metal used.

Sometimes we can use a case number to help determine the bracelet number,
however the color and metal used is not indicated by the case number.
The case number is located inside the back case.

Model names and the date made tell us nothing, the only information we have is by numbers and this is true with every brand we supply parts for and is not unique to Omega by any means. Case numbers and caliber numbers are the two most important numbers for ordering replacement parts and you should be aware of them if you are ordering parts.

Model numbers supplied with the original warranty papers, when the watch was first sold can also be used to find original equipment part numbers.

After 85 years of supplying Omega watch parts the Swatch Monopoly which controls Omega will no longer sell us or any other Independent Watch Parts Distributor in the World. The items on the site are the only items we can supply as the World's governing bodies and Courts have done little to stop the Swiss Watch Companies Restrictive Parts and Trade Practices. We invite all watch owners to voice their complaints directly to the Watch Companies as well as well as to Government agencies and officials.

We have no information by model name or date.


Omega Metal Watch Bracelets

During 2015 Omega/Swatch Group Stopped Suppling Parts Worldwide
If the Omega item you need is not listed, contact the Swatch Group Service Center.

Genuine Omega Alligator And Crocodile Watch Straps


Genuine Omega Ladies Leather Straps


Omega Rubber Deployment Buckle and Clasp Straps


Omega Long Leather Straps


Omega 19 mm Genuine Watch Straps


Genuine Omega Leather 20 MM Straps


Click Here For Omega Dynamic Straps


Omega Black 18 mm Leather Strap 032CU1216002

Special Omega Leather Strap 032CU1216002 measures 18 mm (spring bar) x 28 mm (tapered) x 16 mm (buckle) . Buckle End measures 3". Hole End measures 4 1/2". Omega straps are not supplied with a buckle. Please order a 16 mm buckle from our selection of buckles if you need a buckle.


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Omega 16 mm Black Calf "Omega Art Watch" Leather Strap 93565552, Regular Length

Omega "ART WATCH" Black Calf Leather Strap with buckle. 16 mm X 16 mm. Curved Ends with two holes to attach to watch case. Buckle End measures 3 3/16". Hole End measures 4 15/16".


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Watch Band Lug Size Gauge

What size strap do you need? With this handy gauge you would be able to answer that question in seconds. Made of 22 gauge sheet stainless steel this gauge will last a lifetime. Size the watch case lug or the watch band with this tool. Length: 125 mm. Graduations: 6 to 22 mm.

Measuring straps.


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Bergeon 6789 Flexible Measuring Band For Wrists

Resistant synthetic material. It fits easily to the wrist. Graduated in mm and inches. Easy use and measuring. Black in color. Goes up to 10 1/4" & 235MM.


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Omega Watch Parts, Tools, Bracelets

During 2015 Omega/Swatch Group Stopped Suppling Parts Worldwide
If the Omega item you need is not listed, contact the Swatch Group Service Center.

Genuine Omega Spring Bars


Omega Watch Straps Buckles

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Return Strap Policy - Do Not Wear Strap


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