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American Jewelers Cannot Hire/Employ USA Taxpaying Citizens Watchmakers If Parts Not Available

SWATCH GROUP Cuts Off All Supply of ETA Parts and Omega Parts along every other Brand they Control. Independent Watch Material Houses Worldwide and Independent Watch Repair Persons will no longer be able to get any parts. This will effect every US Citizen one way or another by a loss of jobs and income for those in the USA Watch and Jewelry industry as well as increasing the cost of service to the watch owner as much as 10 times more than it would cost if fair trade competition existed.

Watchmakers you need parts to be able to work, let the FTC know it now. Consumers you must be able to have your watch service/repair by the watchmaker of your choice at competitive price let the FTC know that immediately. Monopoly is against the law. Making you believe that only the restricting company is able to service/repair your watch is deceitful.

The FTC wants to hear from you, restricting companies are now entered in their computer system and will act when a pattern is detected. That will be achieve by sending your complaints, and let all people around you know about this.

Sent your complaint to:

Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20580.
Ref. No. 27462283

Submit a Consumer Complaint to the FTC on-line.
To sent a complaint about the Swiss Watch Companies Restrictive Parts Policy and Unfair Business Practices, visit online

Do you really Own your Watch?
This site represent personal opinion. When you purchased your watch, along with the warranty document was there a disclosure? A disclosure telling you that periodic service or any repair needed for the proper working of your watch can only be performed by that brand Service Center(s). That Service Center(s) reserve the right to decide for you what your watch needs and how much that Service/Repair will be. An estimate will be given to you with your choice to pay or pick-up your watch as is?

No, no such disclosure was given to you; however you will be subjected to the described policies. Companies by restricting the sale of the necessary replacement parts needed for the proper service/repair of your watch successfully monopolized the Service/Repair of their watches.Depending of the brand you purchased, you may not really own your watch. You are now at the mercy of that company and they didnít even have the courtesy to let you know that!!

121Time Fully-Restrictive
Accutron Not-Restrictive
Adidas Fully-Restrictive
Aerowatch Fully-Restrictive
Armani Fully-Restrictive
Balmain Fully-Restrictive
Belair Semi-Restrictive
Berea Fully-Restrictive
Bisset Not-Restrictive
Blancpain Semi-Restrictive
Boccia Fully-Restrictive
Breguet Semi-Restrictive
Breitling Fully-Restrictive
Bulova Not-Restrictive
Candino Semi-Restrictive
Caravelle Not-Restrictive
Cartier Semi-Restrictive
Catwatches Fully-Restrictive
Cellini Semi-Restrictive
Certina Semi-Restrictive
Charriol Fully-Restrictive
Chopard Fully-Restrictive
Citizen Not-Restrictive
cK (Calvin Klein) Semi-Restrictive
Coach Semi-Restrictive
Concord Semi-Restrictive
Corum Semi-Restrictive
Croton Refused to participate in survey
Cyma Semi-Restrictive
Da Vinci Not-Restrictive
Daniel Mink Fully-Restrictive
David Yurman Fully-Restrictive
Diesel Fully-Restrictive
Dior Fully-Restrictive
DKNY Fully-Restrictive
Ebel Fully-Restrictive
Ecclissi Fully-Restrictive
Elysse Not-Restrictive
Emporio Armani Fully-Restrictive
Ernst Benz Fully-Restrictive
Ernst Benz Fully-Restrictive
ESQ by Movado Semi-Restrictive
Exchange Fully-Restrictive
Flik Flak Fully-Restrictive
Fossil Fully-Restrictive
Glashuette Original Semi-Restrictive
Glycine Fully-Restrictive
Grimoldi Fully-Restrictive
GUCCI Fully-Restrictive
Guiliano Mazzuoli Fully-Restrictive
Hamilton Fully-Restrictive
Hamlin Portrait Not-Restrictive
Hanhart Fully-Restrictive
Harry Winston Fully-Restrictive
Hermes Fully-Restrictive
Ice Link Fully-Restrictive
IWC No survey responses
Jaeger-LeCoultre No survey responses
Jaquet Droz Semi-Restrictive
Jean d'Eve Fully-Restrictive
JEAN MARCEL Fully-Restrictive
Joe Rodeo Fully-Restrictive
Judith Ripka Fully-Restrictive
Jules Jurgensen Not-Restrictive
Junkers Not-Restrictive
Karl Lagerfeld Fully-Restrictive
Kobold Not-Restrictive
Laco Not-Restrictive
Lambretta Not-Restrictive
Leon Hatot Fully-Restrictive
Longines Semi-Restrictive
Luminox Fully-Restrictive
Marc Jacobs Fully-Restrictive
Maurice Lacroix Fully-Restrictive
Meister Not-Restrictive
Michael Kors Fully-Restrictive
Michele Fully-Restrictive
Mido Semi-Restrictive
Mondaine Fully-Restrictive
Mondia Not-Restrictive
Montblanc No survey responses
Movado Not-Restrictive
Nine Fully-Restrictive
Omega Fully-Restrictive
Oris Semi-Restrictive
Pandora Fully-Restrictive
Panerai Semi-Restrictive
Perrelet Fully-Restrictive
Philip Stein Fully-Restrictive
Philip Stein Semi-Restrictive
Philip Watch Fully-Restrictive
Pope Watch Co Fully-Restrictive
Rado Semi-Restrictive
Revue Thommen Fully-Restrictive
RGM Fully-Restrictive
Roberto Cavali Fully-Restrictive
Rolex Fully-Restrictive
Rotary Not-Restrictive
Saint Honore Semi-Restrictive
SB Fully-Restrictive
Sector Fully-Restrictive
Serket Fully-Restrictive
Sinn Fully-Restrictive
Skagen Fully-Restrictive
Southern Tide Fully-Restrictive
Swatch Fully-Restrictive
Tag Heuer Fully-Restrictive
Tavannes Not-Restrictive
TechnoMarine Fully-Restrictive
Teno Fully-Restrictive
Teno2 Fully-Restrictive
Tiffany and Co. Fully-Restrictive
Tissot Fully-Restrictive
Toy Watch Fully-Restrictive
Traser Fully-Restrictive
Tsovet Not-Restrictive
Tudor Fully-Restrictive
Union Glashutte Fully-Restrictive
Universal Geneve Fully-Restrictive
Vabene Fully-Restrictive
Vacheron Constantin No survey responses
Van Cleef & Arpels No survey responses
Visetti Not-Restrictive
Wittnauer Not-Restrictive
Zenith Fully-Restrictive
Zeppelin Not-Restrictive
Zodiac Fully-Restrictive
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