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Clock Parts & Supplies

Minimum Order Amount is $20.00 before Shipping

Mechanical Clock Movements German Made

Moving Sale! Supplies Limited
Fine German Made Mechanical Clock Movements
Here's A Great Opportunity For All Woodworkers to make now a clock case. Now, is the time to make a family clock that will last for generations.

Kitchen Clock Plate Dials - Closeout Sale!

Made in Italy! Starting at 3.49 each and at 25 or more $1.99 each

These dial make for beautiful kitchen clocks, which you can easily assemble.

400 Day Clock Supplies


Batteries, Clock


Bezels with Glass


Books on Watches and Clocks




Cable - Catgut


Chain & Ratchet Wheels


Chains for Clocks, Stop Rings, Hooks


Clicks & Rivets


Clock Dials


Clock Hand & Gears Pullers


Clock Movement Holders


Clock Nuts, Hand Nuts & Washers


Clocks Numerals, Plastic


Cuckoo Clock Movements and Supplies


Finials, Brass


Finials, Wood


Clock Glass

Round Domed Clock Glass, Round Flat Clock Glass, Fancy Clock Glass, Square, Oval, Rectangular

Gong Units


Hands, For Mechanical Clocks


Hour Rings


Insert and Set-Up Movements




Mainspring Winders For Clocks


Mainsprings, Small Clocks


Movements, Fit Ups Quartz


Movements, Lanshire Clocks Electric


Movements, Quartz - For Battery Powered Clocks


Music Movements


Oil, Clock


Ornaments & Case Parts


Pendulums & Bobs




Regular Crowns


Rooster Headpiece


Screws for Watches, Clocks and Eyeglasses


Suspension Springs


Tapered Pins


Weight Shells & Fillings




Misc. Clock Tools


Bergeon 16200 Clock Bushing Tool


The Elgin-Hamilton 8-day Elapsed Time Clock

Elapsed Time Clock R88-C573-11
Hamilton H37500 and Elgin 37500

Information for the Novice, Hobbyist and others about ordering Watch Parts correctly.

Don't know the ins and outs about needed information for ordering parts read this.

Cleaning Solutions


New Arrivals




Dumont Tweezers

Dumont Tweezers, Swiss Made for Watchmakers, Medical, Cosmetology Beauty Care, Electronic Industry.

Plus Bergeon, Horotec and others brands of Tweezers.


Frei Family Watch Parts Legacy Three Generations


Order Form, For Watch Parts


Email & Frequently Asked Questions


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Large Taps & Dies

Presto made in England Taps and Dies. SPHINX Taps made in Switzerland, TITEX High Speed Steel Taps made in Germany, Kestag made in Austria, HSS Dies from Italy!

Swatch Irony Automatic Mechanical Watches

Swiss Made Automatic Watches $79.95

124 Different Watch Pinions From 6 to 12 Leaves

Just think what you might find or do on your lathe with these pinions. This collection contains both solid pinions with pivots and hollow pinions in different lengths with 12, 10, 8 and 6 leaves. Find one you can use as is or cut one down to the length and pivot size required for the job on hand.


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For English Watches, Center & Cannon Pinions Assortment

Assortment of 50 center pinions and cannon pinions for old watches from England.


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