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Mechanical Clock Movements German Made

Moving Sale!
Fine German Made Mechanical Clock Movements
Here's a great opportunity for all woodworkers to make a case for a family clock that can last for generations to follow.

Clock Movement Style RG
$960.00 $379.00 On Sale!
Eight-day Weight Driven Movement with 4/4-Westminster chime. Precision movement with Graham escapement and seconds indication Compete with seat board, wood pendulum rod. pewter plated weight shells with fillings pewter-plated chains 8-rod gong (68 cm long) and second hand. Without pendulum bob and clock hands.. Weight: diam. 60 mm, 2 x 3 kgs, 1 x 3.5 kgs. Pendulum length 88 cm. Suitable pend. bobs: diam. 115 mm. Pendulum swing: approx. 22 cm.
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Price $960.00 $920.00
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Clock Dials


Clock Movement Style K
$498.80 $219.00 On Sale!
Movement with Bim-Bam Chime on 3 Rod Gong Pendulum length 72 cm. Pendulum bob: 70 mm diam. Pendulum swing: approx. 20 cm. Weight shells and pendulum: satin-finish brass. Chains: brass plated.
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Clock Movement Style PM
$835.00 $379.00 On Sale!
Eight-Day Weight-Driven with 4/4 Westminster chime and seconds indication. Precision movement with Graham escapement. Design dimensions same as movement PG. Complete with seat Board. wooden pendulum rod, chains, brass weight shells with fillings, 8-rod gong (66 cm long), moon dial mechanism second hand. Without pendulum bob. The moon dial has a satin finish brass face with applied satin-silver hour and seconds ring, dial center with granular finish, and cast corners. Milled clock hands. With silencing lever Pendulum length: 108 cm Dial 280 x 375 mm. Suitable pendulum dial diam. 140 to 165 mm. Pendulum swing: approx. 28.5 / 31.5 cm Weights: diam. 60 mm, 3 total, 2 x 3 kgs, 1 x 3.5 kgs.
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