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Make Your Own Watch

It is possible to make build your own watch, using Swiss Made movements with the cases, dials and hands we offer.

We have cases and dials to fit popular SWISS MADE ETA & SELLITA mechanical movements SW200-1, SW210-1, SW220-1, ETA 7750, 6497-1, 6498-1, 2824-2, 2836-2, 2804-2, 2801-2 and the Chinese mechanical movement DG4813. We also have cases and dials to fit the popular Ronda Swiss Made Quartz Movement Ronda 515. You'll find a large selection of hands, straps and all the tools you need to start assembling your own watches.


SELLITA Swiss Made SW210-1 Incabloc 19 Jewels Watch Movement

The SELLITA SW210-1 is an improved clone version of the obsolete ETA 2801-2 movement. This manual wind watch 11.5 ligne movement, features 19 jewels and Incabloc shock system. Most parts are interchangeable with the ETA 2801-2. Hand sizes Minute 0.90 mm, Hour 1.50 mm and sweep 0.25 mm. 28,800 BPH, lift angle of balance 50.

Click here to download the SELLITA SW210-1 technical sheet and oil chart.


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100% Stainless Case Style #1 With See-Thru Back

36 mm Diameter Case for ETA 11 1/2 ligne Movements
Sellita SW200-1, SW210-1, SW220-1, ETA 2801-2, 2804-2, 2824-2, 2836-2
The Chinese movement DG4813 will fit in this case.

Hands, Watches


Dials to Fit Case Styles 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6

These Dials Fit SELLITA SW200-1, SW210-1, SW215-1, SW220-1 and ETA 2801, 2824 & 2836

Watch Tools, All Kinds of Watchmakers Tools


Watch Case Style #2 For Quartz Mvt's

Now Also Available in Black PVD
For Ronda 515 Swiss Made 11 1/2 Ligne Quartz Movement

Watch Cases

Case 10 & 11 Have Arrived!


Mechanical Watch Movements


Watch Bands & Straps

Click Here for our complete selection of Watch Bands and Straps of all kinds, Leather, Metal, Rubber, Nylon and more!

Dials for Watches and American Pocket Watches

Sometimes people call them Watch Faces
While, the watch industry's name for them is just Dial.

TimeZone.Com On-line Watch School

Learn the Basics of Watch Repair while making your own Watch

Harley Ronda Quartz Movement 515-SW Swiss Made

Ligne size 11.5, height 3.00 mm, hand sizes 70/120/20. date at 3, Swiss Made. Our Watch Case Style #2 is was made to fit this Ronda 515 Swiss made movement. The Ronda 515 has the same dial feet location as the ETA 2800 series of movements, so then the dials we have for the ETA 2801 and ETA 2804 would be a prefect match the the movement and case.

HQ 515-SW



Chinese Automatic Movement DG4813

21,600 BPH

Ligne size: 11 1/2(26.00 x 4.60 mm). Thickness: 4.60 mm. Function: hour, minute, sweep; date at 3. Hand sizes 1.00/1.52/.17. This movement fits in our case style #1.

Disclaimer Statement: We are only aware that this movement is made in China. Any similarity in caliber design and numbers to those made by Seagull is only the consequential results of decisions made by other Chinese Watch Factories. We are not aware if this or any of the other Chinese made movements, are indeed made by Seagull. We have no Contact at all Seagull and cannot supply Genuine Seagull movements.


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Tools & Supplies Needed to Assemble a Watch

Beware of Cheap Tools made in India and China sold at certain websites. Cheap tools are cheap because they are cheaply made of poor quality materials. We do not supply cheap poor quality tools.

Your going to need a pair of Tweezers to hold the hands while setting the hands. A hand setting tool is needed, some people make their own by hallowing out a piece of pegwood or something else. Hand remover is certainly useful and so is dial protection while installing and removing hands. A movement holder is needed when installing stem, dial and hands. The stem in the movements needs to be removed, some watches have screw others a pin hole needs to be press in. The stem then need to be measured and cut to length needed. A file is need to file down flat any burs left over after cutting the stem. When installing the stem into the crown a pin vise is needed to hold the stem tight, so it can be screwed in tight into the crown. Before screwing the stem in some like to use just the smallest amount at the tip of loctite, crystal glue or crazy glue. Case opener/closer, dust bower, eye loupe and screwdrivers are all basic tools of the trade.


Dials to Fit 42 mm 10ATM Cases Styles 12 thru 17


Stainless Steel 10 ATM, 42 mm Cases For SELLITA and ETA Mechanical Watch Movements

New 42 mm Diameter Cases, Water Resistant to 10 ATM
For ETA and SELLITA Swiss Made Movements, SW200-1, SW210-1, SW220-1, ETA 2801-2, 2824-2, 2836-2

SELLITA SW200-1 Nickel Plated Swiss Made Clone of 2824-2

These Nickel Plated 11.5 ligne movements 26 jewels, with Incabloc Novodiac shock protection, automatic, sweep seconds, day and date at 3 o'clock. Hand sizes 90/150/25, 28,800 BPH. Sellita movements are Swiss Made, the SW200, is a clone of the ETA 2824-2 which is possible to do since the patents have expired on the movement.

Click here to download the Sellita SW200-1 technical sheet and oil chart.


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Expansion Watch Band Bracelets For Men

Click Here for Men's Expansion Bands

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Sellita SW220-1 Day/Date Movement Swiss Made Clone of ETA 2836-2

These Nickel Plated 11.5 ligne movements 26 jewels, with Incabloc shock protection, automatic, sweep seconds, day and date at 3 o'clock. Hand sizes 90/150/25, 28,800 BPH. Sellita movements are Swiss Made, the SW220-1, is a clone of the ETA 2836-2 which is possible to do since the patents have expired on the movement.

Click here to download the SELLITA SW220-1 technical sheet.

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SELLITA SW200-1 with Black Background Date Dial

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