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Pocket Watch Parts


Pocket Watch Dials


American Watch and Pocket Watch Mainsprings

Mainsprings for American manufactures: Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden, Howard, Illinois, New York Standard, Rockford, Seth Thomas, South Bend and Waltham.

Balance Staffs For American Watches


Stems for American Pocket Watches

Stems For All Brand Of American Pocket Watches
Listed by Square Size, Hub, Thread and Cone.
Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden, Howard, Illinois, Waltham, South Bend, Waltham and More. For Popular Cases manufactures, Crescent, Fahys, Illinois, Keystone, Philadelphia, Star, Wadsworth

Pocket Watch Crowns

New Selection January 2023
Over 300 Different Pocket Watch Crowns Available

Sleeves for American Pocket and Bracelet Watch Cases

Elgin Sleeves were usually used by Illinois, Keystone, North American, Star and Western case companies.
Waltham Sleeves were usually used by, Crescent, Fahys, Roy, Solidarity and Wadsworth case companies.

Vintage American Watch & Pocket Watch Hands


Watch Bows, All Types


Old Elgin Parts For American Made Elgin Watches


Illinois Watch Parts


Hampden Watch Parts


Waltham Watch Parts


Hamilton Watch Parts


South Bend Watch Parts


Howard 16 Size Pocket Watch Parts


Howard 18 Size Pocket Watch Parts


Roller Jewels "Jewel Pins"

Roller Jewels for American & Swiss Watches

Screws For American Pocket Watches


Hairsprings For American Watches


Pocket Watch Keys



For Both Open Face Pocket Watches And Hunting Case Pocket Watches


For Both Open Face Pocket Watches And Hunting Case Pocket Watches

124 Different Watch Pinions From 6 to 12 Leaves

Just think what you might find or do on your lathe with these pinions. This collection contains both solid pinions with pivots and hollow pinions in different lengths with 12, 10, 8 and 6 leaves. Find one you can use as is or cut one down to the length and pivot size required for the job on hand.


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Make Your Own Pocket Watch Vest Chains

Easy to assemble, design your vest or sport chain from a wide selection of Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Chains. Select a couple of Jump Rings, a Spring Ring and Swivel, then connect together with a chain nose plier.

Movement Ligne and American Size Gauge

Gauge measures in watch lignes sizes and millimeters on one side, while the other side gives American watch movement sizes.

For measuring the diameter (0 to 60 mm) or the number of ligne sizes (2 to 24) of a movement. Length: 108 mm.


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Dial Enamel

Simply apply & heat to fill cracks and chips on enamel dials.

Before applying the dial enamel to the chipped and cracked areas you need to clean the dial as well as possible. Soap, water and a soft brush is an old time method. Others will now use an ultrasonic cleaner will a jewelry cleaning solution, which is different than watch cleaner used on the movement parts. After cleaning the dirt out of small cracks you might not notice them as much or at all.

When the dial is fully cleaned, completely dried, oil and dust free you are now ready to apply the dial enamel material. Place a small amount over the crack or chipped area where you see the metal showing. You want to use just enough to fill the area when the enamel is melted. To heat the enamel over the low heat flame of an alcohol lamp until the enamel begins to warm, soon it will completely flow and fill the cracks and chipped places. You want to remove the dial from the heat before the enamel spreads to areas that you do not need or want it to flow. Excess dial enamel should then be removed and a new shape razor blade is recommended for the removal of excess material.


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Pocket Watch Tools


Watch Tools, All Kinds of Watchmakers Tools


Information for the Novice, Hobbyist and others about ordering Watch Parts correctly.

Don't know the ins and outs about needed information for ordering parts read this.

New & Used Timing Washers Assortments


Price Guide For Obsolete American Watch Parts


Used Watchmakers and Jewelers Tools


Order Form, For Watch Parts

Assortment of 24 Pocket Watch Hairspring Stud Pins
Tapered Hairspring Stud Pins for Pocket Watches, package of 24.
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For English Watches, Center & Cannon Pinions Assortment

Assortment of 50 center pinions and cannon pinions for old watches from England.


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