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Waltham Watch Parts


Waltham 18 Size Series "A" Model 1857 Pocket Watch Parts


Waltham 18 Size Series "B" Model 1870 Pocket Watch Parts


Waltham 18 Size Models 1877 & 1879 Pocket Watch Parts


Waltham 18 Size Model 1883 Pocket Watch Parts


Waltham 18 Size Model 1892


Waltham 16 Size Model 1899 & 1908 Parts


Waltham Pocket Watch Hands


Waltham Watch Mainsprings


Waltham 18 Size Barrel Bridges


Waltham 18 Size Balance Cocks


U.S. Waltham 18 Size Pocket Watch Parts


Waltham 6/0 1942 Model A11

Waltham 6/0-B and 6/0-C Models
A-11 Navigation Watch 6/0 1942 & 1943 Models
6/0-D Models, 6/0 Military Grade A-17 With Center Seconds

Waltham Balance Staffs


Stems for American Pocket Watches

Stems For All Brand Of American Pocket Watches
Listed by Square Size, Hub, Thread and Cone.
Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden, Howard, Illinois, Waltham, South Bend, Waltham and More. For Popular Cases manufactures, Crescent, Fahys, Illinois, Keystone, Philadelphia, Star, Wadsworth

Waltham Bracelet Size Watch Stems


Waltham Plate Jewels and Train Hole Bushings


Waltham Roller Jewels

Waltham 16 Size Hunting Case Model 1888, Part 2760 Setting Lever
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Unitas 6431 4th Wheel Without Second Hand Bit

For UT 6431 without a second hand also for these other movements. COR 736, ELG 324, UT 6431, ELG 867, ELG 976, GP 994, UT 245, UT 251, UT 261, UT 267, UT 273, UT 279, UT 361, UT 431, UT 435, UT 439, UT 445, UT 455, UT 6431, UT 6445, UT 6461, WAL 25,


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WALTHAM 750B Balance Complete

Also for WALTHAM 750 and 750D



Set of Pocket Watch Keys Made In India

Every collector and repairer of Pocket Watch needs a set of keys for key wind watches. These 12 different sizes of keys at a low price will be useful to have available when needed for winding and setting.


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Waltham Jewel Series 6/0 1898 Hunting Model & 1912 Open Face


Waltham 37 Size 8 Day Automobile And Desk Clock


Waltham O Size and 3/0 size 1900 and 1907 Models
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