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Used Watchmakers and Jewelers Tools


Favorite Swiss Made Truing-Caliper

Just Found! Appears to be new old stock from about 50 years ago, when the Swiss firm Golay-Buchel & Cie under the trade name FAVORITE was the industry's largest tool distributor.


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Genuine Elgin Crystal Remover

The Elgin Crystal Remover was designed to remove crystals from all one piece cases on the market at the time it was release by Elgin. In addition this tool will remove most waterproof high dome plastic crystals.

Select ring that snugly fits the crystal, rings are reversible with different diameters on each size. Place ring on flat surface, hold clamp over the ring and open clamp to install ring. Now, with ring in clamp center it on the crystal and tighten clamp, the crystal should lift right off. To install crystal by revolving ring and crystal until it revolves freely within the bezel, then place thumb in center of crystal and remove the clamp.



Genuine Longines Crystal Remover



Jacobs Chuck 33-B16 With Key 32, 5/64-1/2" Made In Sheffield England

New, Unused Vintage Jacobs Chuck with capacity from 5/64" to 1/2" (2 to 13 mm).



New In Original Package Style 27 Tweezers For Holding Incabloc



New Vintage 3 in 1 Mainspring Winder For Bracelet Watches



New Vintage Mido Wrench with Instructions For Ocean Star Watches

Remove and Install Crystals and Movements in Mido One-piece Cases.

Do you have some Mido Ocean Star Watches and have trouble removing and installing both the crystal and the movement? This Mido Tool with instructions on how to use it will certainly help you.




Comes with one tube removing bit, measuring just short of 3.00 mm intended for the tube with a 7 mm crown.



Rex Roller Remover Reduced Set



Set of 3 Used Balance Screw Holders

Sizes #'s 1, 2 and 5



Set of 3 Used Balance Screw Holders

Sizes #'s 1, 2 and 3



Set of 3 Used Balance Screw Holders

Sizes #'s 1, 2 and 3



Set of 3 Used Balance Screw Holders



Set of 3 Used Balance Screw Holders



Used 7 Piece Graver Set With Mushroom Handles



Used Bergeon 1875 Adjustable Chronograph Screw Shoulder Cutter

Tool for cutting Chronograph Screw Shoulders, adjustable from 0.50 to 1.80 mm


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Used Bergeon 2810 Roller Remover

Everyone needs one of these Bergeon roller removers.


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Used Dumont Style 15c Tweezers for Marking Hairspring


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Used Hand Holding Broaching Plier



Used Jewel Gauge



Used Levin Lyre Truing Caliper



Used Levin Lyre Truing Caliper Aluminum Handle



Used Levin Pivot Polisher



Used Mainspring Punch Plier

Once considered extremely convenient for the watchmaker since mainsprings with broken ends can often be trimmed and re-punched with the added expensive of a new mainspring.



Used March Timing Screw Undercutters



Used MOSELEY Roller Remover Set

The complete Moseley Roller Remover set includes 4 stumps, 3 punches, 2 rods, 1 table and a storage box.



Used Pallet Stone Setter



Used Pendant Bow Miller and Set of 7 Reaming Millers

Rarely does a Bow Mill come on the market with a new never used set of 7 Reaming Millers.


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Used Quick Fit Hand Gauge Watch Hand Sizing Gauge

Quick Fit Hand Gauge with 36 different hole sizes from 0.40 to 2.40 mm and lengths in line sizes 2 to 19.

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Used S & B Cannon Pinion Tightener


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Used Set K & D 18 Size to 10 Ligne Mainspring Winders

For all sizes from 7 mm to 16 mm. Winder can be held in a bench vise and its arbors can be changed by turning the knurled nut on the frame.



Used Set K & D Pocket Watch Mainspring Winders

For Pocket Watch Barrel Diameters 7 mm to 16 mm



Used Set of 3 K & D Mainspring Winders



Used Set of 3 LEVIN Mainspring Winders



Used Set of 4 Crown Opening Cutters



Used Set of 6 K & D Pocket Watch Mainspring Winders

From K&D this modified Robbins winder that may be held by hand. For all sizes barrels from 7 mm to 16 mm. Plunger in handle pushes mainspring into barrel without distorting.



Used Set of 8 Jewel Chucks



Used Set Of Countersinks Pin Chamferers



Used Set Of Double Ended Wheeled Countersinks



Used Studding Table

New ones, when they were last available went for $189.00.



Used Vintage Roller and Plate Jewel Gauge



Vintage BULOVA MICROLOUPE Model 9020 With Box



Vintage Timex Crystal Wrench Remover



Roller Jewel And Pallet Jewel Gauge

Measure roller jewel slot in pallet fork or pallet jewel setting. Quickly determine the diameter of the jewel need for the roller. Needle sizes range from 0.28 mm to 0.60 mm



Used Bergeon 30511 Cutter for Cleaning Dial Feet

Removes excess solder from the base of the dial feet , which keep the dial from fitting.


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No longer does Bergeon make taps and dies with jewelry threads which are different from those on watch screws. We have a bergeon 2274 parcel kit with 4 new Dies sizes 0.60, 1.00, 1.20, 1.80 mm and 11 new Taps sizes 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1.60, 1.80 and 2.0 mm and one tap holder.



Milling Tools, Brubaker Taps, Validus Keyless Jacobs Chucks

VALIDUS KEYLESS JACOBS DRILL CHUCKS, Diamond Core Drills, Favorite Lathes Accessories For Models 2 And 3

Used Poising Tools


Steampunk Watch Parts For Art & Jewelry Making By The Gram

Our Steampunk Watch Parts by the Gram and the pound use for Artwork, Jewelry making and anything you can think of!

Used Lathes & Accessory Items


New and Used WW Lathe Collets Chucks


Used Set of 5 Crown Chucks and Arbor

Designed to hold the crown securely while recessing, tapping and cutting tubes etc. Set of 5 Caps for different diameters with arbor that fit into a 5 mm lathe collet chuck


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Vintage Seitz 30150 Jeweling Kit, Missing A Few Items

This vintage Seitz 30150 Jeweling kit has been in our office since 1967 or before. Art Rabb, was our resident watch material expert and our in house expert on watch repair. Before joining us in 1967 and after his service in WWII, Art had extension experience in watch repair, lathe work and watch material picking. Art, wouldn't let us sell this tool and I know it was only used a few times, only once since 1984. So, this set is in almost new condition. What did happen was that some items were picked out of the kit and sold to customers and several items have been discontinued by Seitz over the many years. What reamers and punches which were sold from the kit have been replaced with new ones.

This 30150 Master Seitz Jeweling kit contains the following items which are not in the now discontinued 30300 and the new Seitz 31300 kits. The bushing tool holder set 30154, has only 2 collet chucks and Seitz has discontinued making these items. In this kit is the Seitz 30159 holder and 3 collect chucks, Seitz 30157/3 Face Plate and 3 Clamps, Seitz 30155 assortment of Self Centering Points that automatically center the jewels in respect to the plates, Seitz 30158 Hand Setting Set, 30528 Seitz Grinding Stone. Included in the set is a Jewel Gauge with 42 Jewels.

Contents includes the items found in the 30300 set and don't forget the almost brand new jeweling tool, 12 flat pushers, 4 stakes, 12 pump pushers, 11 concave pushers, 15 reamers with spindle, 4 tools for reducing hour hand holes, 4 tools for reducing holes in plates, 3 tools for setting levers, 1 platform stake, 1 micrometer needle with stake, 1 bush for nut, and wooden case.

Vintage Press Used Once In 40 Years, Almost New Condition


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