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Watch Parts


Regular Incabloc and THE NEW "Novodiac" by Incabloc Shock Systems Parts for ETA & FHH ST

Click Here For Shock Springs

Parts For Sellita SW200-1, SW210-1, SW220-1


Parts for ETA 2801-2, 2804-2, 2824-2, 2836-2 and 2846


Parts For ETA 7750 / Valjoux 7750 Watch Movements


Watch Parts For ETA 6497-1 and ETA 6498-1


PARTS FOR ETA 6497-2 & 6498-2


Parts For ETA 2892A2 Watch Movement

Some Parts For ETA 2892A2 Watch Movement also fit many other calibers like the ETA 2890, ETA 2892, ETA 2892-2, ETA 2894-2, ETA 2893-2, OMEGA 1110, OMEGA 1140, TISSOT 3132, OMEGA 1120, ZENITH 49.0, ETA 2895-1, ETA 2895-2, ETA 2893-1, ETA 2893-3, OMEGA 1128, OMEGA 2500, OMEGA 2500B, OMEGA 3220, OMEGA 1138, OMEGA 1140, OMEGA 1141, OMEGA 1143, SELLITA SW300, OMEGA 2500C, OMEGA 2500A, OMEGA 2403A, OMEGA 2403B

Parts For ETA 2450, thu 2454 & Many More Based On These

The ETA 2450 is the Base Caliber for many movements. The following movements all share some parts: ETA 2451, 2452, 2453, 2454, 2465, 2472, 2474, ETERNA 1436, Hamilton 63, Hamilton 64, Hamilton 649A, 677, 679, 689, 689A, 692, 694, 694A, Tudor 2461, Whyler WG215, WH214, WH217-217A, Elgin 709, 792, 858, 866, Benrus FE, FE-FE2D, 11Z2E, Juvenia 644

Pocket Watch Parts

Parts For American Pocket Watch Manufactures
Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden, Howard, Illinois, Waltham, South Bend
Mainsprings, Staffs, Stems, Sleeves, Crowns, Jewels,Bows, Keys, Crystals and Hands

Omega Watch Movement Parts


Old Elgin Parts For American Made Elgin Watches


Frederic Piguet Watch Parts

Frédéric Piguet, is a Swatch Group Company. Since 2015 Swatch, has stopped all parts distribution. We can only supply the parts listed while supply last.

Gruen Watch Movement Parts


Bulova Watch Parts


Genuine Parts for Rolex® Movements


A. Schild Parts & Tudor Set Levers


Valjoux Watch Parts


Vacheron Constantin & Audemars Piguet Vintage Watch Parts


Patek Philippe Watch Parts



Parts For Landeron Chronograph Watches Calibers 39, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 59, 80, 81, 85, 86, 148, 149, 152, 154, 185, 186, 187, 189, 248, 348, 349

LeCoultre Watch Parts


Lemania 15TL, 15CHT, Tissot 33-3 & Omega 170, 171

Lemania 15TL is same as Tissot 33-3 and base caliber for Lemania 15CHT, Omega 170 and Omega 171.

Lemania Seconds Wheels



Three Thousand, One Hundred and Four (3,104) Different Longines Watch Movement Parts

Venus Watch Parts

Venus 170 Movements and Parts
Venus 175 Watch Movement Parts

Some Venus 150 parts are also for Venus Calibers VENUS 152, VENUS 175, VENUS 178, VENUS 179, VENUS 183, VENUS 184, VENUS 185, VENUS 186, VENUS 187, VENUS 189, VENUS 190, VENUS 191, VENUS 200, VENUS 206, VENUS 207, VENUS 205

Also for WITTNAUER 13W, WITTNAUER 14 W-14 BENRUS BE. VALJOUX 7730, VALJOUX 7733, VALJOUX 7734, VALJOUX 7736, VALJOUX 7737, VALJOUX 7739, Elgin 818, KF 31.061


Hanhart 40 Parts

Hanhart 40, Hanhart 41, Hanhart 42, Hanhart 50, Hanhart 51, Hanhart 52, and Hanhart 54 all share many of the same basic parts.



Balance Staffs


Seiko Stems


Ebel® Watch Parts


The Bridges and Plates System of Watch Parts

Old Movements and Parts of Almost every Make!

Vintage Watch Parts Price Guide


Hard to Find Set Levers

Valjoux, Rayville, Universal, Movado, Buren, Hamilton, Universal

Hard to Find Set Bridges

Valjoux, Rayville, Universal, Movado, Buren, Hamilton, Piaget, Girard Perregaux, Zodiac, Peseux, Universal and Seiko

124 Different Watch Pinions From 6 to 12 Leaves

Just think what you might find or do on your lathe with these pinions. This collection contains both solid pinions with pivots and hollow pinions in different lengths with 12, 10, 8 and 6 leaves. Find one you can use as is or cut one down to the length and pivot size required for the job on hand.


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The Elgin-Hamilton 8-day Elapsed Time Clock

Elapsed Time Clock R88-C573-11
Hamilton H37500 and Elgin 37500

ESA / ETA and Omega Circuit Boards


Standard Watch Company Watch Parts Page


New & Used Timing Washers Assortments


Genuine Crowns for Rolex®


Chelsea Clock Balance Staff

Seiko Caliber 7015 Barrel Complete With Mainspring 0201046

Genuine Seiko Barrel Complete with Mainspring for the very popular Seiko 7015 movement.


Movado 531 Part 1480 Wind Up Wheel for Automatic System




Non-Shock Version



ETA 2750 Pallet Fork & Arbor #710

ETA 2600, ETA 2602, ETA 2608, ETA 2620, ETA 2620R, ETA 2622, ETA 2622R, ETA 2623, ETA 2623R, ETA 2630, ETA 2630R, ETA 2632, ETA 2632R, ETA 2638, ETA 2638R, ETA 2639, ETA 2639R, ETA 2750, ETA 2752, ETA 2758, ETA 2761, ETA 2762, ETA 2763, ETA 2768, ETA 2770, ETA 2770R, ETA 2772, ETA 2773, ETA 2776, ETA 2778, ETA 2779, ETA 2781, ETA 2782, ETA 2783, ETA 2783R, ETA 2788, ETA 2793, ETA 2794, ETA 2798, TIS 3121, ETA 2789, ETA 2789-1, ETA 2769-1,


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Hamilton 688 Balance Complete

The Balance Complete, consist of the balance wheel, hairspring and staff together in one unit.

Hamilton 688, 689 and 694 watches all based on the ETA 2390 and share parts with other ETA's movements like 2452 also based on the ETA 2390. Balance appears to be the same as that in the British Military Watch Hamilton S 75S, which is another ETA 2390 based movement. Some Hamilton ETA based movements have balances that do not have stud attached, instead the end of the hairspring is free and sets in a special clamp on the end of the regulator. This balance has a stud attached.



This is for the FEF 190 version that does not have a center second hand.


Vintage Wittnauer Model 13W, 4 mm Push Button Steel

This is a Screw In Pusher with thread diameter 2.5 mm.


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Tissot 2930 Balance Complete

Also for Tissot Caliber 2940


Tissot 13.6 Center Wheel

Also for Tissot Caliber 15.3


Breitling 11 Part 8100 Slide Gear Mounted w/2 Wheels

For Heuer 11, Heuer 12, 14 and Valjoux 7740


Wittnauer 10 TN Fourth Wheel Complete (Revue 76


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ETA 2000 # 1488 Reverser Wheel


Elgin 847/Hamilton 571/Buren 01/02 Balance Staff

Two different versions of the Elgin 847 were really the Buren 02 that later became the Hamilton 971 after Hamilton took over the Buren factory in Switzerland.


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Price $12.80 $8.00

Date Dial For FE French Ebauches And Cupillard Watch Movements

For French Ebauches Movements FE 4611A, FE 4612A, FE 140-A, FE140-B & C, Cuplillard 140.1, 233/69, 233-69A-21


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Chezard 66 Used Balance Complete
BP-282 PART 721
Chezard caliber 66, used balance complete with good hairspring


One Chezard 66 Used Non Working Movement
Chezard caliber 66, 6 3/4 ligne used not running movement.


ETA 2750 Third Wheel #210



Movement Ligne and American Size Gauge

Gauge measures in watch lignes sizes and millimeters on one side, while the other side gives American watch movement sizes.

For measuring the diameter (0 to 60 mm) or the number of ligne sizes (2 to 24) of a movement. Length: 108 mm.


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Bergeon Assortments of Watch Parts


TimeZone.Com On-line Watch School

Learn the Basics of Watch Repair while making your own Watch

Steampunk Watch Parts For Art & Jewelry Making By The Gram

Our Steampunk Watch Parts by the Gram and the pound use for Artwork, Jewelry making and anything you can think of!

Incabloc Watch Springs & Parts


Watch Tools, All Kinds of Watchmakers Tools


Watch Materials


Special Watch Parts


Watch Bands & Straps

Click Here for our complete selection of Watch Bands and Straps of all kinds including JB Champion Bracelets, Leather, Metal, Rubber, Nylon and more!

Harry’s Watch & Jewelry Supply of South Holland, Illinois


FELSA 21 and FELSA 21 Watch Parts


Email & Frequently Asked Questions


Looking For A Watch Part?


Parts For The FHF 96, 97, 974, ST 96, ST97

ETA 2892A2 Part # 180 Complete Barrel with Arbor and Mainspring

This is the complete unit ready to be placed in the movement. This barrel is supplied with arbor and mainspring installed. Now you will not have to open the barrel to install new mainspring when you can just replace the complete barrel.

ETA 2892-2, ETA 2894-2, OME 1110, ETA 2893-1, OME 1120, ETA 2895-1, ETA 2893-2, ETA 2893-3, OME 1128, ETA 2892A2, OME 2500, SEL SW300, ETA 2895-2, OME 2500C,


ETA 2850 Pallet Fork & Arbor

Also the Pallet Fork & Arbor for the following ETA Movements 2852, 2858, 2870, 2872, 2878 and Bulova movements 1121.20, 1122.10, 1123.30, 1123.52, 1132.12, 1132.30, 1132.52, 1133.52, 1133.30, Caravelle 1123.52



Make Your Own Pocket Watch Vest Chains

Easy to assemble, design your vest or sport chain from a wide selection of Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Chains. Select a couple of Jump Rings, a Spring Ring and Swivel, then connect together with a chain nose plier.

Jewelry - Chains - Money Clips & More - Otto Frei

Jewelry Liquidation Sale
The Otto Frei Jewelry Department is Closing Out All Jewelry Products
While the Otto Frei Jewelry Department isn't 90 years old, like the Watch Material Department. Still, Otto Frei has sold some of these Jewelry Products directly to retail jewelers for more than 80 years.


Hard to Find Balance Staffs

Standard Caliber 115 Balance Complete

Also for WALTHAM R614, WALTHAM R634, RICOH R614, RICOH R634



Assorted Parts


For English Watches, Center & Cannon Pinions Assortment

Assortment of 50 center pinions and cannon pinions for old watches from England.


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