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Parts For Omega Bracelet Clasps

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Clasp Lock Screw for Omega Bracelets

Use in almost all clasps which use this part. A list of some bracelets which use this screw: DB1448/431, DE1448/431, ST1448/431, ST1449/432, DA1449/432, ST1451/439, DB1455/448, ST1455/448, TI1455/448, TB1455/448, ST1455/462, DB1455/462, DK1455/462, DM1455/462, DN1455/462, DR1455/462, TI1455/462, TB1455/462, ST1574/898, ST1489/813, DA1489/813, DG1489/813, ST1489/814, DA1489/814, DG1489/814, DP1489/814, DA1489/816, DA1500/820, ST1500/820, ST1501/523, DA1501/823, SP1501/823, ST1507/834, DE1507/834, ST1508/835, ST1509/836, ST1513/825, DA1525/855, ST1525/855, DB1550/860, ST1550/860, DB1551/861, DE1551/861, ST1551/861, DB1552/862, DE1552/862, ST1552/862, ST1573/897 ST6101/433, DA6101/433, ST6104/465, DB6104/465, DE6104/465, ST6104/469, DE6104/469, DB6104/469, ST6155/449, DB6155/449, TI6155/449, TB6155/449, ST6168/466, DA6189/817, DG6189/817, DP6189/817, ST6201/821, DA6201/821, ST6202/822, DA6202/822, DA6203/856, ST6203/856, st6501/827, DA6501/827, ST6502/830, DA6502/830, DP6502/830, SP6502/830, DE6503/833, ST6503/833, ST6504/833, DE6504/838, ST6505/839, DB6551/863, DE6551/863, ST6551/863, DB6552/864, DE6552/864, ST6552/864, DB6553/865, DE6553/865, ST6553/865, ST6554/866, ST6562/874, ST6563/875, ST6610/933, ST6573/912, 6556/882. A 0.60 mm screwdriver is needed for this screw.



Clasp Slider Stainless Steel For Bracelet Clasp 1621/991



Clasp Screw for Deployment Clasp 9453-1603

Used to attach the clasp to the leather strap on clasp OME-94531603



Omega 1998/840 & 1998/849 Clasp Cover Pin


Genuine Omega Spring Bars


Parts for Omega Watch Bracelets

Pins, Tubes, End-Cap Sleeves, Decors & Screws

Clasp Slider For Titanium 1523/825 Clasp Not Available From Omega

The clasp slider in titanium or stainless steel is not available for the 1523/825 Omega Bracelet. If you need a slider you will have to buy a new clasp.


Omega 18 kt. Gold Plaque for Clasp Cover For 1284/212 Not Listed by Omega



Omega Seamaster 1503-1504 Clasp Button

Fits bracelets clasps, 1503/825, 1504/826, 1514/825, 1579/951, 1581/953, 1614/911




Omega Seamaster 1502 Clasp Button

Fits Omega clasps DA1502/824, DB1610/930, ST1502/824, ST1580/952, ST1610/930, ST1611/931, ST1612/932, 1615/930




Clasp Slider For Stainless Clasp Not Available From Omega

The clasp slider in stainless steel is not available for most Omega Stainless Clasp. If you need a slider for 1503/825, 1579/951 and many more stainless clasps you will have to buy a new clasp.


Speedmaster ST1499/842, ST1498/840 Clasp Pin
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