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Omega Bracelet Links in 18kt Gold, 18kt & Stainless, Titanium and Gold Plated

You cannot select a link because it looked right
Select a Link because you found the numbers match the number on your Bracelet.
Bracelet numbers are stamped on the back of the Bracelet Clasp.
Use the Bracelet numbers to order links and tubes.
The bracelet number does not designate the color or metal used.

Complete bracelet numbers look like this 1455/448. The first four digits is the bracelet body and the last three is the end piece. Only the first four digits is required to order Omega bracelet links.

Please visit the main Omega page for information about ordering Omega items.
Click Here for the main Omega page. We have no information by model name or date.


Omega 1/2 Size Removable Bracelet Links


Omega Stainless & 18kt Gold Link 114DA1501

This same link is used with the 1502/824 stainless and 18kt gold bracelet.




Omega Stainless & 18kt Gold Link "DB" 1455 Full Bar Link

114DB14551 Replaced by 114DB1455
114DB1465 Replaced by 114DB1455




Omega Stainless & 18kt Gold "Full Bar" Link 114DB1551

For use on stainless steel & 18kt gold full bar bracelets numbers 1551/861 and 1552/862. Omega DA 1550/860 takes link 114DA1551, which has been replaced by link 114DB1551




Omega Stainless & 18kt Gold "Full Bar" Link 114DB6104

The link 114DB6104 is the replacement link for the 114DB6148 link.




Omega Stainless & 18kt Gold Link "DE" 6552 Half Bar Link

This link is also use for bracelets 6551 and 6556.




Omega Titanium Bracelet Link 1998

Is this your Titanium X-33 Bracelet link? Well, that depends on which Titanium bracelet you have on your X-33 watch. If your case number is 186.1998 or 186.1999 and you are using a metal bracelet then it should be the 1998 Titanium Bracelet. Model numbers using this bracelet can be 3992.50.06, 3991.50.41, 3990.50.06, 3290.50.00, 3990.50.36, 3291.50.00, 3991.50.06, 3991.50.09

Omega does not offer a 1/2 link for this bracelet.




Omega Titanium Bracelet Link 1613

You couldn't find the complete bracelet number like "1613/934" on your clasp? You read all the text at the top of the page and understand that the first four digits on the clasp is the bracelet body and that the last three are the end links number. Now, again the only thing stamped on the bracelet is the end link number TI-934 on the end link. Which is just "TI" Omega code for Titanium metal and 934 the number of the end link. Well, this is no problem, since Omega only uses the 934 end link on the 1613/934 bracelets. These, then are the titanium links you need.



Omega "WH" DG with Bracelet "Di" (central decor red gold 18 ct. 3N) Link "di" 6553

This "di" code is something we have not seen until now. It is a version of the "DG" code for Red & 18 kt. Gold but a little different. The products Title above is directly taken out of the Omega Red Book and his how Omega list the metal code.

This link is about 12.5 mm wide.



Omega Gold Plated Bracelet Link 1193




Omega Pink Gold Plated Link "LE" 1037



Omega Gold Plated Link For Bracelet 1188




Gold Plated Omega Bracelet Link 114LD5956



Omega Gold Plated Link 3010

The collectors name for this bracelet is the bead of rice. While us in the business call it the old JB band because JB made them. This is the link which will fit the new 3010 bracelet and if you have the new 3010 bracelet this link will work. This link is not available in a two-tone gold and steel version.



Omega Gold Plated Link For Bracelet 1098

This link is no longer available in Stainless Steel.




Omega Gold Plated Bracelet Link 1297

Old style gold plated link used on the 1297 bracelet.



Omega Gold Plated Link For Bracelet 1155



Omega Pink Gold Plated Link "LE" 1036




Omega Gold Tone Bracelet Link 1236




Omega Titanium Bracelet Link 1623

Replacement link for the 1623/993 Omega Titanium Bracelet.




Omega 1504 Titanium Clasp Attaching Link

This clasp attaching link for the 117ti1504826 clasp is also used on the 117ti1523825 Clasp.

Comes complete with pins and tubes.




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