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Buff Sticks


Bergeon White Leather Buff Stick 1282-D

Fine White Leather Buff Stick, only 6 millimeters wide great for reaching spots a wider buff can't handle.


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Plastic Buff Proctector For 6 mm Buff

Keep your buff clean, when not in use.


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Plastic Buff Proctector For 12 mm Buff

Keep your buff clean, when not in use.


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Bergeon 2290 Buff to Polish Stick

Has 3 different abrasives allowing to buff bracelets and watch cases. Start with the Ebauche side, then move to the polish side, and end with using the finish side. Click here for a demonstration.


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Horotec 22 MM Leather Buff Stick 26.424

Fine leather buff stick for cleaning and polishing. Size: 22 mm wide and 245 mm in length. Shown with a Plastic Buff Protector, which is sold separately.

MSA 26.424

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Plastic Buff Protector For 22 MM Buff

Keep your buff clean, when not in use. Size: 22 mm wide and 110 mm in length.

MSA 26.425

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Selvyt Cloth 10" x 10" made in England

This is the world's best selling general purpose cloth to wipe off dust and finger prints. Used, sold and given away by fine jewelers all other the world you can wash this cloth when soiled. The Selvyt Cloths are old and very traditional cloth that have been the leading seller in the jewelry industry. It replaced chamois leather as the most popular cloth In use. While in fact good chamois leather has some superior qualities the durability and ease of washing clean the Selvyt cloth along with the multiple uses jewelers and watchmakers found for them made the Selvyt cloth and indispensable item for all. Even today with new Mirco-fiber on the market which have some superior qualities that the Selvyt cloths multiple uses and lasting durability still have a place in the workshop.


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