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Omega Metal Codes For Bracelets

Omega uses a system of two letter codes for the metal used in its Bracelets. Using and understanding this code is necessary to order and price the correct bracelet or link.

These letter codes apply to Bracelets Only.

BA = Yellow Gold 18 KT
BB = Pink Gold 18 KT
BC = White Gold 18 KT
BG has been used twice,
BG = Red Gold 18 KT
DA = Two Tone Steel & 18 KT Light Yellow
DB = Steel & 18 KT “Full Bar”
DD = Steel & 14 KT
DE = Steel & 18 KT “Half Bar”
DG = Steel & Red Gold 18 KT
DI = Steel & Red Gold
DJ = Two Tone Steel & 18 KT Yellow
DL = Steel & Plated Gold 20 Microns
DM = Steel
DN = Steel
DP = Steel & Rose Gold 18 KT
DR = Steel
DX = Steel & Plated Gold 10 Microns
ED = Plated Gold 10 Microns Light Yellow
EX = Plated Gold 10 Microns
LD = Plated Gold 20 Microns Light Yellow
LX = Plated Gold 20 Microns Light Yellow
MR = Chrome Plated Black & Plated Gold 20 Microns
SD = Steel& PVD Gold
SE = Steel& PVD Gold
SI = Steel & Titanium
SO = Steel Oxidized
SP = Steel
SR = Steel Chrome Plated Black
ST = Steel
TB = Titanium & 18 KT Gold
TI = Titanium
TL = Titanium & Tantalium & Red 18KT Gold
TS = Titanium & Steel
YA = Hard Metal Yellow
YR = Hard Metal Black or Ceramics Black

As you cam see Steel has more than one code, however the code letters "ST" is used most of the time for Stainless Steel.

I did not know what "PVD Gold" stood for and now thanks to Durkin a viewer of our site we are better informed. In Durkins own words, "PVD" stands for "Physical Vapor Deposition" and is a coating process in which atoms of metal are vaporised in a vacuum and then condense on an object. The coatings are much more wear resistant than electroplated metals and offer the same effect at a reduced cost.
Thanks again Durkin!,
Bob Frei


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