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Omega Watch Dials

The Dials shown below are a stock item.

After 85 years of supplying Omega watch parts the Swatch Monopoly which controls Omega will no longer sell us or any other Independent Watch Parts Distributor in the World. The items on the site are the only items we can supply as the World's governing bodies and Courts have done little to stop the Swiss Watch Companies Restrictive Parts and Trade Practices. We invite all watch owners to voice their complaints directly to the Watch Companies as well as well as to Government agencies and officials.

Please visit the main Omega page for information about ordering Omega items.
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We have no information by model name or date.


Omega Dials Caliber 321 - 861 - 865 - 1861 - 1863


Omega Dials Caliber 503 and 504


Omega Dials Caliber 560, 561, 562, 563 and 565


Omega Dials Caliber 561


Omega Dials Caliber 600


Omega Dials Caliber 711


Omega Dials Caliber 910 and 911


Omega Dials Caliber 1040


Omega Dials Caliber 1045


Omega Dials Caliber 1108


Omega Dials Caliber 1111 and 1120


Omega Dials Caliber 1128


Omega Dials Caliber 1150


Omega Dials Caliber 1151


Omega Dials Caliber 1152


Omega Dials Caliber 1154 & 1164


Omega Dials Caliber 1155


Omega Dials Caliber 1250


Omega Dials Caliber 1438 and 1538


Omega Dials Caliber 1440 & 1441


Omega Dials Caliber 1680


Omega Dials Caliber 2201


Omega Dials Caliber 2500


Not Omega Dial For Model 2209.50.00

Wrong dial in sealed Omega package!

Not OME-2500-DIAL#20



Omega Automatic Perpetual Calendar Dial 1577019
Omega Dial Calibre 1481


Omega Constellation Ladies' Automatic Dial 3065052
Omega Dial Calibre 725


14 Pairs Assorted Large Hole Sizes Luminous Watch Hands

14 Pairs of luminous watch hands for large hand hole sizes watches like the Valjoux 7750, Valjoux 7751, Unitas 6497, Unitas 6498 and the ETA / ESA series of chronograph quartz movements. Minute hole sizes are 1.15 mm, 1.20 mm and 1.50 mm, while the hole holes are 2.0 mm. These luminous hands feature Japanese 8 hour light green luminous material and Swiss 6 hour white luminous material.




Omega Watch Parts, Tools, Bracelets

To Find Out Price And Availability On One Of 7,000 Omega Dials

Omega just offers too many dials. If you want to order a dial, then that's one thing. If you do not know the stock number of the Omega dial you need please contact the customer service department of the Omega Watch Company, which is owned by Swatch. The Omega web site is

Once Omega gives you the stock number we can then order the dial for you. .
064PT1609061 1020 DIAL MET.RIV.FIG.CAL. CAL.1020
064TT1668013 1020 D.BROWN SOL. IND.YELL. LUM. C.1020
064PT1647040 1020 DIAL
064TT1635028 1020 DIAL BLACK GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1788005 1020 DIAL BLACK GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1788011 1020 DIAL BLACK GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2003003 1020 DIAL BLACK GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1609117 1020 DIAL BLEU GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TP1668010 1020 DIAL BLUE CAL.1020
064PT1609117 1020 DIAL BLUE 8/8 LUM.CAL.1020
064TT1635036 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1647027 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2031004 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2277003 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1609038 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1609064 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1635006 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1668002 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1609006 1020 DIAL BLUE GREY.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1668008 1020 DIAL BLUE IND.GREY LUM. CAL.1020
064TT1668009 1020 DIAL BLUE IND.YELL.LUM. CAL.1020
064PT1635036 1020 DIAL BLUE MR GREY CAL.1022
064TP1769005 1020 DIAL BLUE PT.YELL.C.1020 GE DYN
064TB1815007 1020 DIAL BLUE YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1609026 1020 DIAL BLUE YELLOW IND.LUM.C.1020
064TP1668012 1020 DIAL BROWN NO IND.C.1020
064TP1769003 1020 DIAL BROWN PT.C.1020 GE DYN
064TP1769006 1020 DIAL BROWN PT.YELL.C.1020 GE DYN
064TT1647028 1020 DIAL BROWN YEL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2277004 1020 DIAL BROWN YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1635019 1020 DIAL BROWN YELLOW IND.C.1020
064TT1635037 1020 DIAL CHARC.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1710013 1020 DIAL CHARC.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1815011 1020 DIAL CHARCO.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1991004 1020 DIAL CHARCOA.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1668001 1020 DIAL CHARCOAL GREY IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1788008 1020 DIAL CLARET GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1788010 1020 DIAL CLARET YEL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1609082 1020 DIAL CLARET YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020 GE
064TP1769012 1020 DIAL COGN.WITHO.MI.PT.WHITE C.1020
064TT1769008 1020 DIAL COGNAC GREY IND.C.1020
064TP1769014 1020 DIAL COGNAC WITHO.MIN.PT.YEL.C.1020
064TT1769010 1020 DIAL COGNAC YELLOW IND.CAL.1020
064TA1886003 1020 DIAL GILT 2/2ROM.9IND.C.1020
064TB1815005 1020 DIAL GILT 2N YEL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TA1886001 1020 DIAL GILT IND.JAIS CAL.1020
064TT1609029 1020 DIAL GILT YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1635800 1020 DIAL GILT YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020 CO
064TT1609053 1020 DIAL GILT YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020 DV
064TT1635101 1020 DIAL GILT YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020 SEA
064PT1635040 1020 DIAL GILT YEL.IND.LUM.CAL.1020
064TT1635040 1020 DIAL GILT YEL.IND.LUM.CAL.1020
064TT1647026 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1647031 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1710016 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1815009 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1991003 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2003001 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2003004 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2024001 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2031001 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2277002 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2419002 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1635033 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.8/8LUM.K.1020
064TT1609040 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1609067 1020 DIAL GILT YELL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1609116 1020 DIAL GILT YELLOW IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1635016 1020 DIAL GILT YELLOW IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1788004 1020 DIAL GILT YELLOW IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1769007 1020 DIAL GREEN GREY IND.C.1020
064TP1769004 1020 DIAL GREEN PT.CAL.1020 GE DYN
064TP1769011 1020 DIAL GREEN WITHO.MI.PT.WHITE C.1020
064TP1769013 1020 DIAL GREEN WITHO.MIN.PT.YEL.C.1020
064TT1788007 1020 DIAL GREEN YEL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1769009 1020 DIAL GREEN YELLOW IND.CAL.1020
064TT1635029 1020 DIAL GREY GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1635041 1020 DIAL GREY GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2034005 1020 DIAL GREY GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2419004 1020 DIAL GREY YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1788009 1020 DIAL L.BROWN GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2034002 1020 DIAL MR YEL.JAIS CAL. CAL.1020
064TP1668011 1020 DIAL OLIVE NO IND.C.1020
064TT2028001 1020 DIAL RH.-PL.GR IN.WITHO.MIN.C.1020
064TT2031003 1020 DIAL RH.-PLA.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1710015 1020 DIAL RHO.-PL.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1815013 1020 DIAL RHO.-PL.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2034003 1020 DIAL RHO.-PL.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064PT1635003 1020 DIAL RH-PL.GR.IND.LUM.C.1020SEA COS
064TB1710006 1020 DIAL RH-PLAT.YEL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TB1710024 1020 DIAL SILV.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1609114 1020 DIAL SILV.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1635034 1020 DIAL SILV.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1609061 1020 DIAL SILV.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020 GE
064TT1609103 1020 DIAL SILV.GREY IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1609150 1020 DIAL SILV.GREY IND.LUM.C.1020 SEA
064TP1668003 1020 DIAL SILV.WHITE 12IND.C.1020
064TB1635010 1020 DIAL SILV.YEL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TB1710008 1020 DIAL SILV.YEL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1609034 1020 DIAL SILV.YEL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1609052 1020 DIAL SILV.YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020 DV
064TT1609119 1020 DIAL SILV.YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020 SEA
064TT1635100 1020 DIAL SILV.YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020 SEA
064TT1991002 1020 DIAL SILV.YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT2031002 1020 DIAL SILV.YELL.IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TB1647003 1020 DIAL SILV.YELL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1609007 1020 DIAL SILV.YELL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1609030 1020 DIAL SILV.YELL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1635001 1020 DIAL SILV.YELLOW IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1788002 1020 DIAL SILV.YELLOW IND.LUM.C.1020
064TP1668005 1020 DIAL SILV.Z.CLARET.PT.LUM.C.1020
064TP1668004 1020 DIAL SILV/BLUE/SILV.PT.LUM.C.1020
064TT2277001 1020 DIAL SILVE.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064TT1647025 1020 DIAL SILVER.GREY IND.8/8LUM.C.1020
064PT1635035 1020 DIAL SILVERED 8/8 LUM.CAL.1020
064TT1635035 1020 DIAL SILVERED 8/8 LUM.CAL.1020
064TT1647033 1020 DIAL SILVERED GREY IND.LUM.C.1020
064PT1609150 1020 DIAL SILVERED IND.LUM.CAL.1020
064TT1609101 1020 DIAL SILVERED YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1635002 1020 DIAL SILVERED YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1635015 1020 DIAL SILVERED YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064TT1788003 1020 DIAL SILVERED YEL.IND.LUM.C.1020 064TT1635017 1020 DIAL SILVERED YELL.IND.CAL.1020
064TT1635018 1020 DIAL SILVERED YELL.IND.CAL.1020
064TT1609066 1020 DIAL SILVERED YELL.IND.LUM.C.1020
064PT1991001 1020 DIAL SYLV.MR GREY LUM CAL. CAL.1020
064TP1668007 1020 DIAL WHITE PT.BLACK C.1020
064TP1609112 1020 DIAL WHITE VARNISH GR.IND.C.1020
064TT1647023 1020 DIAL YEL.JAIS LUM. CAL.1020
064PT1609116 1020 DIAL YEL.LUM CAL. CAL.1020
064TT1635003 1020 Replaced by 064PT1635003
064TT1647040 1020 Replaced by 064PT1647040
064TT1991001 1020 Replaced by 064PT1991001
064TT1609051 1020 Replaced by 064TT1609150

Contact the website for dial part numbers.

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