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Omega Watch Dials

The Dials shown below are a stock item.

After 85 years of supplying Omega watch parts the Swatch Monopoly which controls Omega will no longer sell us or any other Independent Watch Parts Distributor in the World. The items on the site are the only items we can supply as the World's governing bodies and Courts have done little to stop the Swiss Watch Companies Restrictive Parts and Trade Practices. We invite all watch owners to voice their complaints directly to the Watch Companies as well as well as to Government agencies and officials.

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We have no information by model name or date.


Omega Dials Caliber 321 - 861 - 865 - 1861 - 1863


Omega Dials Caliber 560, 561, 562, 563 and 565


Omega Dials Caliber 561


Omega Dials Caliber 600


Omega Dials Caliber 711


Omega Dials Caliber 910 and 911


Omega Dials Caliber 1040


Omega Dials Caliber 1045


Omega Dials Caliber 1128


Omega Dials Caliber 1150


Omega Dials Caliber 1151


Omega Dials Caliber 1152


Omega Dials Caliber 1155


Omega Dials Caliber 1440 & 1441


Omega Dials Caliber 1680


Omega Automatic Perpetual Calendar Dial 1577019
Omega Dial Calibre 1481


Omega Constellation Ladies' Automatic Dial 3065052
Omega Dial Calibre 725


14 Pairs Assorted Large Hole Sizes Luminous Watch Hands

14 Pairs of luminous watch hands for large hand hole sizes watches like the Valjoux 7750, Valjoux 7751, Unitas 6497, Unitas 6498 and the ETA / ESA series of chronograph quartz movements. Minute hole sizes are 1.15 mm, 1.20 mm and 1.50 mm, while the hole holes are 2.0 mm. These luminous hands feature Japanese 8 hour light green luminous material and Swiss 6 hour white luminous material.




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