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Pins,Tubes & Screws for Omega Seamaster & Speedmaster Bracelets

Bracelet numbers are stamped on the back of the Bracelet.
Use the Bracelet number to order links and tubes.

Complete bracelet numbers look like this 1503/825. The first four digits is the bracelet body and the last three is the end piece. Sometimes only the first four digits is required to order the parts listed here. When all seven are needed they are listed.

Please note that only removable pins and tubes are available for only the removable links. The removable links, which are illustrated above are the ones located next to the clasp on both sides. Several people have asked for pins and links for the wider links on a tapered bracelet and these parts are not available.

Please note - ST Omega bracelets are Stainless Steel, and DA Omega bracelets are Stainless Steel and 18k gold.


Seamaster 1502, 1503, 1504 Tube for Clasp Spring Cover


Omega 1225 Case Attaching Tube
For Attaching Omega Bracelet 020ST12252122 to the watch case. Works with case attaching pin OME-128ST9135.



Omega 1225 Case Attaching Pin
For Omega Bracelet 020ST12252122.


Seamaster DA, ST 1503, ST 1504 Clasp Spring Cover Pin

End Link Attaching Pin For Bracelets 1581/953 & 1579/951

End Link Attaching Tube For Bracelets 1581/953 & 1579/951

Seamaster 1579 Removable Link Pin
Also for 1581/953 and 1613/934

Clasp Pin For Bracelets 1581/953 & 1579/951
For bracelets 1581/953 & 1579/951, use clasp tube 201ST0074 with clasp pin 128ST9082.

Omega 1998/840 & 1998/849 Clasp Cover Pin

Dynamic/Speedmaster Removable Link Tube

Dynamic ST 1570 and ST1571 Removable Link Tube. Also used for Speedmaster ST1479/812 and ST1469/814 bracelets. Used as the clasp tube @6 for the ST1998/849 bracelet.



End Link Attaching Pin For Bracelets TS & ST1998/998

Omega Bracelet TS1998 Removable Link Pin
Pin used in TS1998 link. Also used in TI 1610 link.

Omega Stainless Steel 1610 Clasp Link Pin

Used as the clasp pin at both the 6 and 12 o'clock positions for the ST1610/930, ST1611/931, 1612/932 bracelet. According to information provide a tube OME-201ST0074 is used at the 6 o'clock position but not at 12.



Omega Bracelet 020DE1392084 Case Attaching Pin
Diameter is 0.70 mm, Length is 23 mm

Omega Bracelet 020DE1392084 Case Attaching Tube

Seamaster "TB" "TI" 1504/826
Clasp slider Pin

Seamaster "TI" 1523/825 Clasp Pin
Clasp slider Pin works with OME-201ST0073

Seamaster "TI" 1523/825 Clasp Tube
Clasp slider tube works with pin OME-128ST9063

Seamaster 1455/448-1465-1475-1485 Removable Link Tube

Seamaster 1465/452 Case Attaching Pin

Seamaster 1465 Clasp & Link Tube

Seamaster 1485 Case Attaching Pin

Seamaster 1485 Clasp, Case & Link Tube

Omega 1387/397 Bracelet Case Attaching Tube

Seamaster 1575 Clasp & Link Pin

Seamaster 6155-6175 Case Attaching Pivot
Used on Bracelets DB6155/449, ST6155/449, TB6155/449, TI6155/449, TB6175/449, TI6175/449,

Seamaster 6155-6175 Removable Link Pin
Besides the removable links near the clasp this pin is also used to attach the end link to the bracelet body.

Seamaster 6155-6175 Removable Link Tube
Besides the removable links near the clasp this pin is also used to attach the end link to the bracelet body.

Seamaster 6156 Case Attaching Pin

Seamaster 6156 Clasp & Link Pin

Seamaster 6501 Clasp Tube
This tube is used on both sides of the slider to connect the clasp to the slider on bracelet 6501/827

Seamaster 6501 Removable Link Tube
Also used as the end link tube.

Seamaster 6501/827 Removable Link Pin
Also used as the clasp pin and end link pin.

Seamaster 6502 Clasp & Link Pin

Seamaster 6502 Removable Link Tube

Seamaster DB 1455/462 TB 1475/462 Case Attaching Pin
Also for the Stainless Bracelet ST1455/452

Seamaster TB 1504/826 Pin for Spring Cover

Speedmaster ST1499/842 End Link Pin
This is the pin that connects the end link on the ST1499/842 to the body of the Bracelet. Tube number 201ST0098 is used with this pin for the end link of ST1499/842.

This pin is also used on Omega Ladies Quadrella case number 895.1290 model number 1586.79.00 using bracelet 6550/964 and on that case you use the Tube number 201ST0097.


Clasp Lock Screw for Omega Bracelets

Use in almost all clasps which use this part. A list of some bracelets which use this screw: DB1448/431, DE1448/431, ST1448/431, ST1449/432, DA1449/432, ST1451/439, DB1455/448, ST1455/448, TI1455/448, TB1455/448, ST1455/462, DB1455/462, DK1455/462, DM1455/462, DN1455/462, DR1455/462, TI1455/462, TB1455/462, ST1574/898, ST1489/813, DA1489/813, DG1489/813, ST1489/814, DA1489/814, DG1489/814, DP1489/814, DA1489/816, DA1500/820, ST1500/820, ST1501/523, DA1501/823, SP1501/823, ST1507/834, DE1507/834, ST1508/835, ST1509/836, ST1513/825, DA1525/855, ST1525/855, DB1550/860, ST1550/860, DB1551/861, DE1551/861, ST1551/861, DB1552/862, DE1552/862, ST1552/862, ST1573/897 ST6101/433, DA6101/433, ST6104/465, DB6104/465, DE6104/465, ST6104/469, DE6104/469, DB6104/469, ST6155/449, DB6155/449, TI6155/449, TB6155/449, ST6168/466, DA6189/817, DG6189/817, DP6189/817, ST6201/821, DA6201/821, ST6202/822, DA6202/822, DA6203/856, ST6203/856, st6501/827, DA6501/827, ST6502/830, DA6502/830, DP6502/830, SP6502/830, DE6503/833, ST6503/833, ST6504/833, DE6504/838, ST6505/839, DB6551/863, DE6551/863, ST6551/863, DB6552/864, DE6552/864, ST6552/864, DB6553/865, DE6553/865, ST6553/865, ST6554/866, ST6562/874, ST6563/875, ST6610/933, ST6573/912, 6556/882. A 0.60 mm screwdriver is needed for this screw.



Omega Steel Screw 124ST2798 to Attach Bracelet/Strap & Claws to Case

Used on the steel and also the two-tone steel and 18kt gold case 198.0155. The solid 18kt gold case uses 18kt gold screw # 124BA2798.

Screw is also used on Decorative claw OME-189BA0005 and OME-189ST0005. For Decorative Claw on these case numbers 168.0068, 196.0305, 196.0325, 196.1055, 198.0136, 198.0140, 198.0142, 198.0143, 198.0145, 198.0155, 296.1055, 298.0005, 298.0155, 368.0875, 368.08751, 396.1069, 396.1069.1, 396.1076, 396.1076.1, 398.0864, 398.0866, 398.0869, 398.0870, 398.0876, 468.0811, 468.0814, 468.0816, 496.1068, 496.1069, 496.1076, 496.1086, 498.0001, 498.0003, 498.0005, 498.0011, 498.0014, 498.0023, 498.0029, 498.0030, 498.0866, 498.0869, 498.0870, 498.0872, 498.0873, 498.0876, 498.0886.



Screw To Attach Omega Bracelet 1190/192 to Case 198.0024 & 198.0025

Also used for bracelet 3026/199 on case 157.0002



Screw To Attach Omega Bracelet 1190/192 to Case 555.0005




Removable Link Screw for Bracelet 1190/192



Omega Bracelet Locking Screw

Used on Bracelets DB1455/448, ST1455/448, TB1455/448, TI1455/448, DB6155/449, ST6155/449, TB6155/449, TI6155/449, TB6175/449, TI6175/449, AB1475448, BT1457448, DB6155449, TI1475448, TI1475462, TI1675449



Omega Seamaster DX1369 Removable Link Pin



Omega ST 1286 Removable Link Pin

Used in the 1286/249 bracelet.



Steel Screw To Attach Omega Bracelet/Strap to Case 196.0360

Works for case number 595.1080.



Omega Bracelet 1471/815 Removable Link Tube

Omega Bracelet 1471/815 Removable Link Pin

Seamaster 1455/462 & 1455/453 Clasp & Removable Link Pin

Seamaster 1455/452 & 1455/453 Clasp and Removable Link Tube
Also Case Attaching Tube 1455/452, 1455/453 and 1465/453

Removable Link Screw for 1117

Also for Bracelet links: 1153, 1170, 1186, 1217.



Omega Removable Link Pin 22.50 mm X 0.90 mm

Length: 22.50 MM. Thickness: 0.90 MM.



Screw to Attach Omega Bracelet 020ST1155146 to Case

21.00 x 1.55 mm. Thread diameter measures 1.50 mm.



Omega 128ST9233 Pin



Omega Seamaster DX13697731 Removable Link Pin

Also known as cotter pin and split pin. For bracelet number DX13697731, ST3012351, ST1125/000, ST1171/000, ST11621621, ST1162172, and ST1162173.




Genuine Omega Spring Bars


Pins and Tubes with Omega Style Notched Centers for Bracelets

Supplied in a standard length, size and cut them to length as needed.

Speedmaster 1560/850 & 1498/840 Apollo Removable Link Tube
For Stainless Steel Band.

Also use for the End Link tube and for the Clasp Tube on the Speedmaster ST1499/842 Bracelet.

Also Removable Link Tube on the 1562, 1563, 1572 bracelets
Can also be used for clasp attaching pin for 1498/842.

Seamaster 1504-1523 Removable Link Pin
Found on Stainless Bracelets 1504/826 as well as the "TI" Titanium 1504/826 and the "DA" 18kt & Stainless version 1504/826. This same pin is also used in the Titanium bracelet 1523/825. Used also to connect the end link to the main body of the bracelet.


Seamaster ST 1503/825 - ST 1504/826 Clasp Pin

Clasp pin For Stainless Steel Bands 1503/825, 1504/826, 1581/953, 1588/951 .

Connects the slider to the clasp attaching link.

Also is the clasp cover pin for bracelet 1579/951




Seamaster DA 1503/825 Removable Link Pin

Seamaster 1501 & 1502 Removable Link Tube

These removable link tubes are also used for the end link tubes to connect the end link to the bracelet body on the 1501 and 1502 bracelets.

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