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Replacement Tools For Quick Service Set 7812 and Master Service Set 7815


Bergeon 6789 Flexible Measuring Band For Wrists

Resistant synthetic material. It fits easily to the wrist. Graduated in mm and inches. Easy use and measuring. Black in color. Goes up to 10 1/4" & 235MM.




Bergeon Standard 3 mm Wide Fork Stainless Steel Spring Bar Tool

Handle in Stainless Steel, points in hardened tempering steel. From outer edge to outer edge at the fork end it is 3 mm wide. The pin tip end is 0.80 mm in diameter. Both the fork and the pin tip end thread into the body of the tool and replacements are available. The total length is 145 mm, which is about 5 3/4 inches.


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Replacement 3 mm Wide Fork Tip for BERG-6767-S

Wide Fork tip 3 mm.



Replacement Point Tip for BERG-6767-S

0.80 mm Point Tip for the 6767-S spring bar tool.




Bergeon 30081-100 Individual Stainless-Steel Screwdriver 1.00 mm

Swiss Made Stainless Steel 1.00 mm Screwdriver.


Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 5     6 - 9     10+  
Price $10.95 $10.50 $10.20 $9.95


Bergeon 30081-120 Individual Stainless-Steel Screwdriver 1.20 mm

Bergeon Swiss Made Stainless Steel 1.20 mm Screwdriver.


Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 5     6 - 9     10+  
Price $10.95 $10.50 $10.20 $9.95


Bergeon 30081-140 Individual Stainless-Steel Screwdriver 1.40 mm

Bergeon Swiss Made Stainless Steel 1.40 mm Screwdriver.


Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 5     6 - 9     10+  
Price $10.95 $10.50 $10.20 $9.95


Bergeon 30081-160 Individual Stainless-Steel Screwdriver 1.60 mm

Bergeon Swiss Made Stainless Steel 1.60 mm Screwdriver.


Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 5     6 - 9     10+  
Price $10.95 $10.50 $10.20 $9.95


Bergeon 30081-200 Individual Stainless-Steel Screwdriver 2.00 mm

Bergeon Swiss Made Stainless Steel 2.00 mm Screwdriver.


Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 5     6 - 9     10+  
Price $10.95 $10.50 $10.20 $9.95

Bergeon Stainless Steel Screwdriver Blade 1.00 mm in Tube

Size: 1.00 mm. Tube contains 2 stainless steel blades.



Bergeon Stainless Steel Screwdriver Blade 1.20 mm in Tube

Size: 1.20 mm. Tube contains 2 stainless steel blades.



Bergeon Stainless Steel Screwdriver Blade 1.40 mm in Tube

Size: 1.40 mm. Tube contains 2 stainless steel blades.



Bergeon Stainless Steel Screwdriver Blade 1.60 mm in Tube

Size: 1.60 mm. Tube contains 2 stainless steel blades.



Bergeon Stainless Steel Screwdriver Blade 2.00 mm in Tube

Size: 2.00 mm. Tube contains 2 stainless steel blades.




Bergeon 7026-00, Anti-Magnetic Stainless Tweezers Style #00

Stainless, Antiacid, Antimagnetic. Swiss Made. 120 mm.




Bergeon Plastic Tweezers with Steel Lip

Tweezers used for battery changes. Has a steel lip at the base for opening battery hatches.




Bergeon Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers provide large, smooth non-marring gripping surface and slim profile for ease of access.


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Bergeon Swiss Officers Case Knife

This is the Bergeon Officers case knife, which is much thicker than the old standard Swiss Army Watch Case Opener. Comes with a tweezers and oil pick.


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Bergeon Jaxa Mini Case Opener

This is the smaller version of the 2819-08 Jaxa case opener. Comes with 2 square bits 2819-B for slotted case backs. Will open diameters from 18 mm to 62 mm.




Bergeon 4x Loupe with Aluminum Ring

Lenses removable. Magnification 4x.

Special $17.00



Bergeon 8745 Multifunction Bracelet Press

Bergeon has re-designed the traditional bracelet press with the limited space that watchmakers have on their bench in mind. By using composite material for the body and adding a removable compartment for accessories at the base, this creates a light weight and space saving tool. The 8745 multifunction bracelet press can punch out and install pins, unscrew and screw on bracelet screws on watch bracelets.

Supplied with one slotted base number 6744-P, one pin holder with drum number 6745-PG-A, two bases with adjustable height number 8745-SRC and 6745-SR-28, one set of 6 blades number 6745-M (sizes: 2x .80, 2x 1.00, 2x 1.20) and 2 Phillips number 6745-MC (size: 1.50 and 2.00 mm), and one set of 6 pins number 6745-G (sizes: .40, .60, .80, 1.00, 1.50 & 2.0 mm).

The slotted base number 6744-P allows to maintain in a good position watches with leather or metal bracelet. Both bases number 8745-SRC and 6745-SR28 allow the height adjustment.


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Bergeon 4932 Snap-Back Case Knife

This Bergeon fixed blade knife is a must for those who want the best. Equipped with bakelite handle. Length: 115 mm. Swiss Made.




Bergeon Plastic Jars for Spare parts

Transparent jars used for watch parts and other small items. Diameter 15 mm x height 30 mm


Quantity   1 - 9     10 - 99     100+  
Price $2.00 $1.70 $1.50


Bergeon White Leather Buff Stick 1282-A

Fine white leather Buff stick 12 mm wide. Shown with a Plastic Buff Protector, which is sold separately.



Plastic Buff Proctector For 6 mm Buff

Keep your buff clean, when not in use.




Standard Original Bergeon 3153 Black Body Spring Bar Tool

I think this tool is a waste of time and money. Sure this was state of the art 50 years ago; still some people have yet to be enlightened so we still sell this Swiss made tool. You will not see me wasting my time trying to use this tool, but that shouldn't stop you from trying it, I just might be wrong. It's just that I've been replacing straps for 30 years now.



Forked Replacement Tips for FB-500

Swiss made for the (FB-500) BERG-3153 Black Body Spring Bars Tools.



Pin-End Replacement tips for FB-500

Swiss made for the (FB-500) BERG-3153 Black Body Spring Bars Tools.



Bergeon 6744-P Bracelet Pin Remover, Base Only

This is one single plastic slotted base only of the FB-512. Bergeon part number 6744-P. Slot sizes: 2.2 mm, 2.6 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.4 mm, 3.8 mm, and 4.0 mm.

Synthetic material. Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 26 mm. Spaces to eject pins. To be used with press No 6745-100, No 6745 and tooling No 6744.




Bergeon 30540 Hard Plastic Bakelite Dust Blower

Measures 35 mm in diameter; does not roll on the bench. Some say this is the best, again blowers are a personal thing.




Bergeon 2819-08 New Jaxa Original, Swiss Made

New Jaxa key is specifically designed to open case backs of large watches. The ergonomic shape provide a firm and comfortable grip.

Swiss-made, the new Jaxa wrench is the latest first-rate Bergeon product and is a great tool. It sits on a foam like sponge base inside a plastic display box.

Equipped with four different chucks: 3 for polygonal cases, 3 for slotted cases, 3 for cases with holes, and 3 for cases grooved. Will open diameters from 18 mm to 62 mm.



Set of 3 bits Style "A" for Jaxa Hand Wrench 2819/4 and 2819/8

For Polygonal cases. Sold in 3 pieces.



Set of 3 bits Style "B" for Jaxa Hand Wrench 2819/4 and 2819/8

For cases with slots. Sold in 3 pieces.



Set of 3 bits Style "C" for Jaxa Hand Wrench 2819/4 and 2819/8

For cases with holes. Sold in 3 pieces.



Set of 3 bits Style "D" for Jaxa Hand Wrench 2819/4 and 2819/8

For oyster cases. Sold in 3 pieces.




Bergeon's 7815 Master Service Set in Hard Case

This master service set is truly a must have set for watch battery service, watch bracelet changes, length setting, opening and closing of screwed waterproof watch back covers. Comes with 46 specialized tools and accessories in a hard plastic travel case:
Full size Jaxa case wrench (Bergeon 2819-08), 4 sets of 3 bits for the Jaxa case wrench (Bergeon 2819-A, 2819-B, 2819-C, 2819-D), multifunction bracelet press (Bergeon 8745), bracelet holder block (Bergeon 6744-P), 4x loupe (Bergeon 2611-TN-2.5), plastic tweezers with steel lip (Bergeon 6460-P), anti-magnetic, stainless steel tweezers (Bergeon 7026-1), 5 stainless steel screwdrivers 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.40 mm, 1.60 mm and 2.00 mm (Bergeon 30081-100, 30081-120, 30081-140, 30081-160, 30081-200), 5 tubes with 2 spare screwdriver blades (Bergeon 6899-T 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.40 mm, 1.60 mm and 2.00 mm), snap back case knife (Bergeon 4932), flat nose pliers (Bergeon 2510-N), microfiber cloth (Bergeon 7039), flexible measuring band for wrists (Bergeon 6789-N), spring bar tool (Bergeon 3135), spare pin & fork ends for 3135 spring bar tool (Bergeon 3153-R), leather buff stick with buff protector (Bergeon 1282A & 4056-6), steel ruler (Bergeon 2819-08-R), 6 plastic boxes 15 x 30mm (Bergeon 2963-B), and dust blower (Bergeon 30540) Click here to order the tools individually.

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