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AWCI Introduction Micromechanics & Using the Watchmaker's Lathe

Bergeon Supplied First Quality Hard Arkansas Square Stone

100 x 6 x 6 mm




Bergeon Barrel Arbor Holder Diameter 1.00 mm

Slide locking jaws, with chrom.-plated bow and handle. Length: 120 mm.




Bergeon Barrel Arbor Holder Diameter 1.50 mm

Slide locking jaws, with chrom.-plated bow and handle. Length: 120 mm.




Bergeon Barrel Arbor Holder Diameter 2.50 mm

Slide locking jaws, with chrom.-plated bow and handle. Length: 120 mm.




Bergeon 30205 Riveting Stake in Steel

Used as a base for staking, riveting and drilling small parts; great for watchmakers and jewelers, but not limited to.
15 holes 2.0 mm to 8.60 mm holes. Size: 65 x 45 x 20 mm




Bergeon 30544-AP Assortment of 7, Five Sided Cutting Broaches sizes 0.69 mm to 2.92

This assortment used to contain 0.69 to 3.53 milimeters, and now Bergeon 30544-AP assortment of seven with PVC knurled handles contains sizes 0.69 mm to 2.92 mm.



Bergeon Borax Soft Brush

Medium point head, 90 mm long.




Euro Tool Stem Cutting Plier

Side cutting pliers with tungsten carbide jaws for cutting watch stems.




Mesh Bracelet Cutter

This tool comes in a green handle. It has a locking system. Cutting width: 17 mm. Total length: 205 mm. Opening: 4 mm.




Bergeon 4902-1 Aplanatic Loupe 10X Power, 1" Focus Distance

This Double lens Bergeon aplanatic, 10X eye loupe, has good color correction and less distortion compared to the B&L 10X. As in all 10x loupe of this type the focus distance is one inch away from the object. 10x Power loupes are only used for inspection of an object. This loupe has a 1 stamped on it meaning 1" focus meaning 10x power.




Bergeon 4902-2.5 Aplanatic Loupe 4X Power 2 1/2" Focus

An aplanatic double lens loupe that you can use all the time. The 4 power loupe comes in focus at 2 1/2 inches. This is the power and working distance loupe that most watchmakers use. For this type of work many feel that having an aplanatic double lens loupe is not needed, thus explains why the B&L 4x loupe is the world's largest selling watchmakers loupe. However, if you can afford this Aplanatic loupe you will be getting according to the owners of this loupe a better loupe.




Bergeon 4902-3 Aplanatic Loupe 3.3X Power, 3" Focus Distance

The 3.3 power loupe comes in focus at 3 inches and had the number 3 stamped on it.




Bergeon Supplied Bundle of Peg Wood 3mm


Name of the wood : Hornbeam, Scientific name : Carpinus betulus, Country of Harvest : France




Bergeon Pin Vise # 5860

Again like number 1841, this is a very normal quality pin vise with two reversible chucks. Opening from 0-2.1, 1.9-3 mm, length 108 mm.


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Bergeon 6033 Rodico (Two bars)

Rodico brand cleaning putty is something the watchmaker should never run out of. In addition to it's ability to clean small parts, it is useful for wiping bridges and plates of excess oil, dust, and debris, and for 1,000 other uses: holding parts, fishing lost parts out of crevices, standing things up, and lying them down. Rodico is as an excellent cleaning material and is as useful as your imagination. This is a package of two bars.




Bergeon 2810 Roller Remover

Everyone needs one of these Bergeon roller removers.




Bergeon 2834 C Scratch Brush Pen (Large)

The fiberglass bristles are feed by a twist at the pen top. Use to remove rust and to clean a surface area of electrical contacts. Some have used this scratch brush to apply a matt finish on a shiny finish crocodile strap with a gentle brush action. Refills available by box of 24 pieces or package of 2 pieces.




Lint Free Watch Paper

Lint-free, anti-tarnish tissue paper, 1,000 sheets per box. Every watchmaker and Jeweler needs a box of these papers.




AWCI Course Servicing Modern Automatic Watches


AWCI Introduction to Basic Quartz & Quartz Chrono


AWCI Introduction to Precision Timing and Dynamic Poising


AWCI Introduction to the Modern Mechanical Chronograph


Tool List for the AWCI CW Exam


AWCI Introduction to Basic Watch Repair Tool List


Bergeon 4712 Wooden Base with India Stone

Sharpen and refinish your screwdriver baldes with this 15 x 15 x 150 mm, medium grain India stone, mounted of a wood base.




Bergeon Hairspring Levers 30013

Width of levers is 1.7 mm, 0.2 mm larger than FB-773, which is 1.5 mm




Bausch & Lomb 10X Loupe

When checking details only a 10 power loupe will do. You know the rule, it is considered perfect if you do not see any flaws at 10 power. The 10 power loupe comes in focus at 1 inch.


Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 9     10+  
Price $12.95 $12.30 $11.66


Bausch & Lomb 4X Loupe

The Bausch and Lomb 4X loupe is the standard of the industry. Due the slightly wider field of view, objects appear a little brighter with the B&L loupe than with a Bergeon Aplanatic Loupe. The 4X power loupe comes in focus at 2.5 inches.


Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 9     10+  
Price $10.85 $10.31 $9.77
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