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Genuine Case Parts Ordering Information Page

Most major watch companies have a system of case numbers stamped on the case, we need this information when ordering crowns, crystal, gaskets and other parts related to the case.

SEIKO-- Stamped outside back of the case, eight digits most of the time. Separated by a dash example 1108-5235. Older watches may contain the dash after the second digit, example: 11-5208 Numbers may also contain letters examples 5H23-7A67 or 4536-735H.

Citizen- Outside the back of case, however sometimes it may be inside the case back. Seven or eight digits older cases starting with 4 then a dash, on newer cases the caliber number is shown then a dash then the case number examples: 4-065346, or 9010-095014 & 35-S22059. Please no numbers like GN-4W-23, which is not a case number and is not needed when ordering.

PULSAR-Stamped outside back of the case, six to eight digits, usually starting with a V, W, or Y.

BULOVA-ACCUTRON-CARAVELLE- On the inside back of case, either in black ink or embossed on watches made from 1950 to 1998. Newer watches now have the case number on the outside the case back. Once, the company that claimed America Run's on Bulova Time was a great power and still many of the old parts are available in material houses around the USA. Currently Bulova is part of Citizen, most case parts are handled by special order only.

LONGINES-WITTNAUER-JUBILEE- Stamped inside case, also give caliber number. Period in which Longines supply case information was between 1960's and the middle of the 1970's.

These 3 names were once part a a group that included LeCoultre. The break-up the brands and the ownership changes took place over many years. The Swatch Group now owns Longines. LeCoultre is now a stand alone company and is also claiming they have no parts for the older watches. These brands also now claim and that a regular or master watchmaker is not trained in working on their watches. LeCoultre will not supply parts to anyone and the inventory of vintage parts located at major material houses around the world is being used up.

Rolex®-- Stamped on back of inside case or between case lugs at 12. Case numbers newer models and genuine case parts for all new models are no longer available and genuine parts at watch material houses around the world for older model is almost all used up of this brand that once support material house distribution of parts around the world. This company is one of the leaders of the field to exclude watch parts distribution. They claim they received too many complaints about poor watch work for owners of watches that used lousy watch repair shops to fix their watches. Now most of the complaints are about the high repair changes and the long wait to get the watch back from them. The US Justice Department has looked into the parts distribution practices and one senior female Justice Department head confessed that the issue was about a luxury item for the nation's elite and not a matter concerning the everyday Regular American Citizen. I do not agree with this and rather say that this watch brand is the entry level elite watch that the everyday American Citizen wishes to own due to advertising. The world's and U.S. elite are buying up far more expensive watches to prove they have far more money than the regular guy wearing this brand.

OMEGA- Stamped on back of inside case. Remove back case, number is stamped inside the case parts. The Swatch Group owns and controls Omega. In 2015 Swatch Group stopped all distribution of parts to distributors world wide. Now you need to contact the Swatch Group Service center for all repairs and parts.

HAMILTON- Stamped outside back of the case, on older watches starting with a letter, we no longer have case parts for any of the American made Watches by Hamilton when they were an American Watch Company.
Hamilton once made high grade movements and after WWII was not able to complete with the flood of cheap and finally accurate made movements from Switzerland. By the late 1950, many of the Hamilton watches in order to complete with other imported cheaper Swiss brands at certain price points were now using Swiss made movements. In the 60s Swiss Companies restated their agreement to the US Government to assure that parts distribution would be open to all watchmakers to protect US citizens who own their watches. This was done so the duties (taxes charged on importing) would be lowered on Swiss Watches being imported into the USA.

Then the American based and owned watch company not able to complete with cheaper Swiss Watches went out of business in the early 70s being sold to new owners in Switzerland. This brand after many years of little action has now been reborn as part of a large watch group in Switzerland. Parts for the new watches are not being distributed.

We are proud of our past association with this once great American Watch Company. Do to the efforts and work of American Watch Material Men who have have come and gone before us in the past 100 years we are pleased to be able to supply certain old parts. As a historical note: The American Hamilton Watches and Clocks used and made during the critical turning point of the last century are one reason the freedom exist today. During WWII Hamilton Timepieces played a vital role in protecting and allowing us to live as we do now by enabling U.S. Navel and Aircraft to have superior numbers of accurate timepieces and to navigate far more accurately in the Pacific as well as other fronts. American made Hamilton watches have always been at the top of the collectors list and each and every American made watch is worth the effort to restore. For this reason alone far fewer Hamilton Parts are available, while many more parts can be found for Waltham and Elgin who both made far more watches.

LORUS- Stamped outside back of the case, usually starting with a V, W, or Y.

MIDO- Stamped outside back of case or between the case lugs, four digits most of the time. Mido is another one of the names from the past. We have some parts for older watches, however what if any that has been produced in the past 30 years is a mystery and we cannot supply. Watches we might have parts for where most made before 1970.

TISSOT- Stamped on back of inside case. Tissot, same as Mido. We have some parts for older watches before about 1978 and the case number is stamped inside the case, so that the back must be removed. This brand has been reborn again under new ownership and now the case number is on the outside of the case back. Tissot is another Swatch Group brand.

WYLER- Stamped on back of inside case. Case parts for older watches only. Plastic crystals are about the only case parts in numbers still available while some crowns show up now and then. Out of business.

ZODIAC- Stamped on back of inside case. Once parts were available for this great but not that large old brand to distributors of watch parts. The new owners of this brand seemed to again just have the name and no old parts, while new parts are not distributed freely and in a easy manner. We have some old movement parts and can get on special order and delay some parts for new movements. Case parts of older watches are practically extinct world-wide. Your are welcomed by as to ask other watch material houses for Zodiac case parts, since we do not have them.

GRUEN, BENRUS, WYLER, WALTHAM, HAMILTON and ELGIN are no longer available. We'll need a case to match crystal and a sample of the material wanted. We will do our best if allowed the time to do a good job in searching for the needed parts.

OTTO FREI - . is not affilated or sponsored by Rolex® Watch U.S.A. The Rolex® Warranty does not apply to generic replacement parts, supplied by OTTO FREI -


Information for the Novice, Hobbyist and others about ordering Watch Parts correctly.

Don't know the ins and outs about needed information for ordering parts read this.
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