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Cell Straps For Quartz Watch Batteries


Cell Straps for Miyota Movements 36 Pieces Assorted


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Swiss Made 100 Piece Assortment Battery Insulators

Swiss Made. 100 Pieces.


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Ronda Battery Clamp Screw

BATTERY CLAMP SCREW FOR THE FOLLOWING RONDA QUARTZ MOVEMENTS, RON 4003.B, RON 4120.B, RON 4210.B, RON 4220.B, RON 5010.B, RON 5020.B, RON 5030, RON 5030.D, RON 5040.B, RON 5040.D, RON 5040.F, RON 5050.C, RON 5130.B, RON 5130.D,


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Price $9.60 $7.95

Harley Ronda Quartz Cell Strap

Calibers 4003.B, 4120.B, 4210.B, 4220.B, 5010.B, 5020.B, 5030, 5030.D, 5040.B, 5040.D, 5040.F, 5050.C, 5130.B, 5130.D,

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Price $9.90 $7.95

Cell Strap Screw For Quartz Movements

In the order comments and instruction box, enter the make and caliber number that you need the cell strap screw for.


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Battery Clamp Screws

Harley Ronda Quartz Cell Strap

For Ronda Calibers 372, 373, 375, 377 and 378

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Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia of Watch Material Books Parts 1 & 2

We just found a few copies of the eight edition Bestfit Parts Books Volumes 1 & 2, a total of 835 pages. Order yours today before the limited supply is sold out.

The Bestfit Encyclopedia identifies Swiss, French, German, Italian, and Japanese movements, which were first introduced before 1961-64. This is still the main set of movements and parts identification books used by material houses and watchmakers worldwide today for movements made before 1964. Every serious watchmaker realizes the time and dollars saved with fewer ordering mistakes and parts problems solved with ease. These books will not make you an expert on movements or parts overnight, but will get you headed in the right direction so you can communicate with an expert in no time.

We have been using the Bestfit stock numbering system and books now for well over 70 years. You can order any part shown inside these Bestfit Books using these Bestfit numbers from Otto Frei. If we do not have in stock the item, as a Bestfit Parts Distributors we can order from Bestfit for you. Please, keep in mind that the Bestfit books list several hundreds of thousands of items most of which are no longer in production and a few thousand of the rarest of these parts can be found no where other than in the Bestfit book. However, without these books you have far fewer chances of getting the right parts.

These are the last books that we have. The printing image quality is subpar compared to earlier printings. The text is legible, only some of the images of the movements parts are not as detailed and clear as older printings. These books will no longer be reproduced again and once they are sold out, we are unable to obtain any more.

Regularly: $99.00

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