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Lindstrom Pliers

Lindstrom Supreme Line Pliers Lindstrom pliers are the finest quality pliers in the world, and are recognized for their superior design and manual sensitivity. The Supreme Line offers impact resistant plastic-coated handles that mate naturally into the hand for comfortable control. These pliers now use the lap joint with screw design. Lindstrom technical analysis has found that the Box joint plier or Lap joint with screw serves assembly industries best. These joint types help to maintain jaw rigidity when used for forming and twisting, correct alignmentm and resist wear induced play. This type of joint allows no lateral play, enabling the continued precise alignment of the gripping surface for exact control; at the tips of the pliers.

Lindstrom Needle-Nose Pliers

The Lindstrom pliers are simply the finest made. Hardened and finished to the standards of a fine watch movement, these pliers offer gripable and comfortable soft, textured, white plastic handles over steel. This needle-nose (or chain-nose) is an essential for the watchmaker. There are less expensive pliers around (see below, beginnin FB-1005), but I think the Lindstroms are worth the money and will pay for themselves in durability and excellent function over time.


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Lindstrom Round-Nose Pliers

Lindstrom quality in a round-nose pliers. A round nose plier is a useful tool for any watchmaker, and these are the best. Round nose pliers taper gently towards the tips and provide the capability to form a wide range of loop and bend sizes.


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Lindstrom Short Chain-Nose Pliers

Lindstrom quality in a short, strong, chain-nose pliers. Short chain nose pliers provide non-marring fine tips for precision holding and positioning applications. Short nose eliminates jaw flex and loss of grip in heavier duty pulling, bending or twisting applications.


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Lindstrom Diagonal Cutter

Standard Dual Bevel Cutting, Cutting limits for soft wire 0.35 to 1.25 millimeters.


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Lindstrom Oblique Cutter

Standard Dual Bevel Cutting, Cutting limits for soft wire 0.35 to 1.25 millimeters.


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