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Watch Testing Machines


Horotec Quartz Watch Turbo Tester 19.107

This electronic apparatus tests the mechanical side of analogic quartz watch movements (wheel train).

The Horotec Turbo Tester gives powered magnetic impulsion for turning the wheel train and watch hands of the analog quartz watches without opening the watch case.

Do Not use for testing mechanical watches.

MSA 19.107

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Horotec Quartz Watch Pulse Tester 19.106

This electronic apparatus tests the eletronic side of analogic quartz watch movements (coil/circuit).

The Horotec Pulse Tester intercepts impulsion coming from coil of the quartz movement. Light and sound comes on when a signal is picked up.

Do Not use for testing mechanical watches.

MSA 19.106

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Horotec Turbo Pulse 19.110 for Quartz Watches

The electronic tester release the wheel train and test the electronic parts of quartz watches.

It determines if the coil/circuit is functioning; and also analyzes the wheel train of most quartz analog watch movements. This battery-operated tester is a pass/fail test for electronics of the movement. It also allows you to spin the hands to see if they are catching on anything as well as unjam the wheel train. Every watchmaker should have at least one of this tester. Very useful.

Voltage: 110v/220v. Dimensions: 90mm x 150mm x 30mm.
Do Not use for testing mechanical watches.

MSA 19.110
Has been discontinued by Horotec


Horotec Flashtest 19.115 for Quartz Watches

The HOROTEC© Flashtest is an advanced, multifunctional and portable tester for analog quartz watches and movements. This handy, precision tester performs a variety of tests with both closed and open watchcases on analog quartz watches.

The HOROTEC© Flashtest can :
1. measure battery voltage from 0 to 19.99V
2. measure battery voltage under load from 0 to 19.99V
3. measure impulses from quartz watches to determine if a problem is electronic or mechanical
4. measure the continuity of the coil
5. measure the consumption of the electronic circuit to determine whether or not it needs replacement
6. measure the consumption of the movement to determine if there is any mechanical problem indicating the need for cleaning or adjustment
7. measure the accuracy of the analogue quartz watches.

The HOROTEC© Flashtest is supplied with two precision probes, a 9V adaptor (input 220/110V AC - output 9V DC), a 9V alkaline battery, an Userís Manual and a Technical Guide, which contains the consumption and coil resistance data of the most common quartz movements.

Features a brand new LCD touchscreen for easy selections.

Voltage: 110v/220v. Dimensions: 155mm x 172mm x 55mm.
Do Not use for testing mechanical watches.

MSA 19.115

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Horotec Magtest 19.910

Horotec Magtest is an electronic device for detecting magnetism, demagnetization and control of magnetic remanence of watches, movements, watchmaking tools, and parts. It combines the measurement function with the demagnetization function in a single device. Items are placed on the Detect Zone to detect magnetism and results are displayed on the LCD touch screen. Items are then moved to the Demag Zone to commence demagnetizing.

There are 5 sensors and one of them is located in the center of the detection zone. The others are located on the corners of a 1.5 cm square. They can measure the force of magnetism and the position. A dot on the LCD screen shows a sensor with its position and the dot size is proportional to the magnetic force. If the LCD screen displays the presence of magnetism without any magnetic objects on the surface of detection, it is recommended to make a manual zero setting by pushing the off button. Power adapter can take voltages ranging from 100 to 240 volts.

MSA 19.910

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TYMC Printer For Watch Timers

This printer is for those who are required to keep or give out a printed record of the timing the watch they just serviced and timed. Most watch repair person are not required to show timing paper results while others are or like to be able to pass on the test results before and after servicing the watch. Uses direct thermal print technology to print directly onto heat sensitive paper.

Works with the MTG-3000 (b/w display model now discontinued), the color MTG-4000 and MTG-5000 watch timers.

Regular: $269.00, On Sale Now: $239.00

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Vibrograf B200 & B300 Tming Machine Paper PA212

Blue tint pressure sensitive 36mm.


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Used Vibrograf B 200 A

Sold As Is. Fix-it or use for parts!

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