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Oil & Lubricants

Please see the link at the bottom of the page for Moebius oil recommendations.

Moebius Watch and Clock Oil has be considered the best for generations. Manufactured and tested in Switzerland Moebuis offers a large variety to enables you to select the right oil or grease for the particular task at hand. Nature watch oil is a mixture of neatsfoot and mineral oil. Nature oil has and is still quite satisfactory except that after a period of time in contact of metal, they change chemically and form a gummy substance. This was great for watch makers since they would get to make money cleaning and oiling the watch every 18 months or so. After WWII in the 1950s the first Synthetic Oils came on the market. Most watchmakers did not rush to use these oils since they were bad for business now that the watch serviced with Synthetic oil would not come back to him for service for another 5-7 years he would lose a lot of income. Synthetic oils have the same lubricating properties as natural oils, however they will not change over time, and will not gum up, cause corrosion and become acidic it left in a watch for many years without a cleaning of the movement.


Moebius Classical Oil "8000" 1 ML Bottle

Moebius Classical Oil "8000" for escape wheels, balance staffs etc. on watches. Moebius Classical Oil "8000" can be used on pallet stones and pins for 5 to 8 3/4 ligne movements. Moebius Classical Oil "8000" is also recommended for 5 to 8 3/4 ligne Escape Wheels (Moebius 941), Balance Staff (replaces Moebius 9010), Center Wheel (replaces Moebius 9020 Moebius Classical Oil "8000" ),, use Moebius Classical Oil "8000" on the Wheel Train (replaces Moebius 9010 ), Barrel Arbors (replaces Moebius 9020), , use Moebius Classical Oil "8000" on the pallet pins found on 9 3/4 all the way up to Pocket Watch Movements, Moebius Classical Oil "8000" can also be used on Escape Wheels and Balance Staffs 9 3/4 ligne to 19 ligne movements. Moebius Classical Oil "8000" can be used on the Center Wheel, Wheel Train and Barrrel Arbors of 9 3/4 ligne all the way up to Large clocks in place of Moebius 8141. Swiss Made, 1 ml Classical watch oil for chronometers and wrist watches in a 1 cc bottle.

The recommend shelf life of this product is 2 years.


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Moebius Classical Oil "8000" 10 ML Bottle

Ten times the amount that comes in the small Moebius Classical Oil "8000" 1 ML Bottle costing $5.90. Moebius Classical Oil 8000/10, is packaged for the high volume trade shop.

The recommend shelf life of this product is 2 years.


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Gasket Lubricator with Silicon 747

This is the best way to lubricant any type of gasket with a silicon lubricant. Loaded with enough silicon 747 grease to lubricant hundreds of gaskets. Simply place the gaskets inside and give a 1/2 turn of the lid, with very light pressure and you are done. When dry just add a little more silicone 747, which you can purchase below.


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747 Silicone Lubricant in Syringe Applicator

Silicon 747 grease is a good, very high temperature lubricant and is available in a syringe. Use to extend the life of gaskets needed to insure water proofing of the case. The syringe can be useful for certain applications.


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KT-22 Stem & Gear Lube in Syringe

For small gear trains in watches, clocks and instruments. Remains in gear train, will not ball up, run, break down or gum up.


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KT-22 Stem Lube

An all purpose stem and waterproof crown lubricant. Another great American made product, which is more than worth a try. For winding gears and the waterproof sealing of joints of winding crowns and pushers on chronograph cases. Supplied in a 1 ounce jar.


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Nye PML Stem Grease W 10S

This is an American product, which just might be superior to any European product for stem and winding parts. Since this is an American product ETA will not be found endorsing it, however American watchmakers know that PML stem grease is hard to beat!


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Jismaa 124 Lubricant

Special synthetic mineral lubricant which is recommended by Ebauches SA and the Swiss Horological Research Laboratory. Excellent quality suitable for high friction over wide temperature range, -50 to 100C, on copper alloy parts in today high grade Quartz Watches. 10 grams.


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Jismaa Lubricant for Carbon Alloy

7 grams.

MSA 28.200

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Microsilica Based Grease for Carbon Alloy

Microsilica based grease used on mechanisms and parts made of carbon alloy. 5ml jar


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Silcon 7 Grease

The high vacuum pressure watch case sealant.


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Fomblin Grease 20 ml

A white homogeneous grease for lubrication of mechanical parts used in temperature range -30 degree to +150 degree celcius. Specially developed for parts subject to friction of medium pressure when mineral and standard synthetic lubricants break down due to temperature changes and exposure to the air. Also useful of greasing all types of joints as well as special optical and micro mechanical equipment.


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Molykote DX Paste 50 Grams

Light-colored grease-paste with solid lubricants for assembly and long-term lubrication of metallic components. Recommended by ETA for lubrication of calibers 251.262 and 251.272, etc...
Sold in 50 gram tube.


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Molykote DX Paste 14 Grams

Light-colored grease-paste with solid lubricants for assembly and long-term lubrication of metallic components. Recommended by ETA for lubrication of calibers 251.262 and 251.272, etc...
Sold in (14 grams) 1/2 ounce jar.


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Nye Synthetic Clock Oil 1/4 oz

On Sale, While Supply Last
Sale Limited to the Quantities on Hand, No Back Orders

1/4 oz size is equal to 8 ML

Since World War 1, American Made Nye oils have been the American Strategic high precision oil producer eliminating any dependence of foreign oil. Due to the monopolistic nature of the Swiss Watch Industry, and Moebius is own by these companies. Only Swiss oils can be found recommend in Swiss writing, likewise German promote only German oils as well.

Nye Synthetic clock oil is superior to any natural oil produced anywhere in the world.

Nye Synthetic clock oil is superior to any natural oil produced anywhere in the world.

Nye Synthetic Oil Product Prices have gone up in 2011, however Nye Oil is quite inexpensive when compared to Swiss or German Synthetic Oils.

$18.95 Now On Sale $11.95

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Moebius 8141

This is a very high viscosity (12.5 stokes at 20 degress celsius with lubrication to -4 celsius) natural oil. For special areas of pressure such as cup screws, center wheels and barrel arbors and mainspring barrels. Some think that this is better to use than Moebius 8200 when lubrication is called for of the mainspring on mid-size movements.

The recommend shelf life of this product is 3 years.


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