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Economy Crystal Presses And Case Closers


Miniature Economy Case Press With 6 Nylon Dies

This is the miniature version of the Economy Case Press CRY905.00. Comes with 6 dies: 14 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm, and 37 mm. Weighing in at about 1 lb and standing about 3 1/2" high. Don't let the size fool you. This tool might not have the same amount of power as big brother to handle large size case, but handles itself pretty well against smaller size cases. Takes the same dies as the CRY905.00 press, so if you need larger sizes we have sets of dies available.

$18.95, On Sale $15.95

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Economy Case Press With 12 Nylon Dies

Some people report good results with this press for closing case backs. Many start with this low cost product and later move up to one of the better closers or crystal presses. This is a strange product that some people love and others hate. Some say it works about 80% of the time, while we have one customer who has high school students change 2,500 batteries a month and he loves this product even if he might have to buy a new press or repair the handle once each year. I say if you can afford a better tool you should buy a better tool.

There are a total of 12 pieces; six hollow dies (22x21 mm, 28x27 mm, 32x31 mm, 34x33 mm, 36x35 mm, 40x39 mm) as well as six flat dies (25x24 mm, 27x26 mm, 29x28 mm, 31x30 mm, 33x32 mm, 37x36 mm).


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14 Piece Nylon Die Set for CRY905.00

This set is designed for a large variety of watches that are very popular, and most have snap-on case backs. There are a total of 14 pieces; seven hollow dies (18 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, and 36 mm) as well as seven flat dies (16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, and 36 mm), which holds the watch while the revolving bezel is being inserted.

To Be Used On CRY905.00


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Extra Large 6 Piece Die Set for CRY905.00

This set is designed for larger oversized watches that are very popular, and most have snap-on case backs. There are a total of 6 pieces; three flat on both sides, 35, 40 and 45 mm, and 3 double sided concave that are 40/42.5, 45/47.5, 50/52.5 mm concave.

To Be Used On CRY905.00


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Square and Rectangular 4 Piece Nylon Die Set for CRY905.00

This set is designed for square and rectangular watches that has snap-on case backs. There are a total of 4 pieces that range from 15 mm to 24 mm. The square dies offer users greater flexibility to close any snapback case without damage.

To Be Used On CRY905.00


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U-Shaped Screw Press For Closing Case Backs

Use on a table top or hold in your hands, when closing case backs. We found out why this closer was so popular with certain customers. It is possible to close the case back after changing batteries with this tool without removing a metal bracelets or disassemble the clasp, which saves the battery changer a lot time.

Change batteries without removing metal bracelets.

Made in India.

$21.95, Now Just $7.95

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Rack Press with 9 Reversible Aluminum Screw-on Dies

Set comes with 9 Tapered Side-Wall Reversible Aluminum Screw-on Dies from 18 mm to 35 mm.

Reversible die sizes in millimeters 18/19, 20/21, 22/23, 24/25, 26/27, 28/29, 30/31, 32/33, 34/35, and one universal flat platform die, 4 threaded dies supports of different heights, allowing for use with all sizes and types of Bergeon and Horotec screw-on dies. Rack Press and Dies comes with a mountable wooden base.


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