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ISA Quartz Watch Movements

Professional Use Only 

Quartz movements are far more sensitive then a regular mechanical movement. A quartz movement is combination of sensitive electronic and micro mechanical parts. The danger and damage from dust or static electricity cannot be understated and understanding the proper handling and are in vital to any success.


Movement Returns


Since the advent of the Quartz watch watchmakers have entered the electronic age. Manufactures do not warranty quartz movements used for repair. No Credit or Exchange will be made after 10 days. Inspect the movement upon first receiving it and before installing. If at this time your not satisfied, return the entire movement in new condition in the original packaging, within 10 days of the invoice date. When sending the movement back be sure to package so that it will not be damaged in while transit. Include the return form on the invoice and a description of the problem. Any further warranty is between you and your customer. We are not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages.


When using an ISA movement that replaces or interchanges with the original, the dial feet location will be different from the original movement. The dial feet will need to be cut in order to use the replacement movement.



ISA 257/130 Quartz Watch Movement, Replaces ISA 258

Ligne size 5 1/2 x 6 3/4 (13.0 x 15.15 mm) Thickness 2.50, total height 3.3 mm, 2 hands sizes 55/100, Battery 321 (SR616SW). Gold-Tone Plated

ISA 257/130 replaces ISA 258

ISA 257/130

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ISA 268 Quartz Watch Movement

Ligne size 6 3/4 x 8, height 2.5, hand sizes 55/100, functions: uses 2 hands.
ISA 268 is the same as ISA 267/130.

Can not supply,

Discontinued Cannot Supply ISA 1198/42
ISA 1198/42

Discontinued Cannot Supply ISA 1198/42

Ligne size 11 1/2, thickness height is 4 mm, Dial Feet - 2:30 & 8:00, hand sizes 90/150/20, Cell 395, Tap 10, functions: uses 3 hands, day, date at 3. Due to it's thickness this movement was a replacement for the ESA 963.121/6 series as well as for other thick movements. This movement is no longer in production and due to it's size do recommended replacement is available.

ISA 8174/201 Movement Replaces ISA 8154/201

Chronograph, 2 Eyes, Date at 6, 24 Hr hand.

ISA 8174/201

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ISA 8174/220 Movement Replaces ISA 8154/220

Chronograph, 2 Eyes, Date at 4, 24 Hr hand.

ISA 8174/220

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ISA 8176/2050 Time Zone Watch Movement

Ligne size 11.5 (25.60 mm), thickness 3.70, total height 4.90,

ISA 8176/2050

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ISA 9231/1890 Quartz Watch Movement

10 1/2 Ligne (23.30 mm) thickness 4.13, total height 6.22 mm, 5 hands sizes 70/120/20/16/16, 2 eyes indicating Date at 3 and Day at 9. Takes the 371 battery (SR920SW).

ISA 9231/1890

ISA 8176/2050 Date at 6 Time Zone Watch Movement

Ligne size 11.5 (25.60 mm), thickness 3.70, total height 4.90, Now ISA 8176A

ISA 8176/2050-D6

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