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Screwball Case Opener


ScrewBall Case Opener

You might never use another screw back case opener after you try one of the special balls to open screw back cases! You’ll be the screwball if your not using this product to open every screw back case you see! The Fastest Case Opener EVER! No set up time at all just place the watch in the palm of one hand and press ball against the case back and screw off the case back. In about Five Seconds the case back is off without leaving any marks or scratches on the case. These balls can close the case watertight just as easy as it opens them. Everybody to the expert watchmaker to the battery installer needs to start using the screwball. The ScrewBall makes for an excellent gift for your watchmaker and it brings a smile to the face of anyone who has to open watch case backs

The Case ScrewBalls really do work, however they will not open every case the first time. A watch that has been used for a long time can get dirt and oil in the case threads and along with the gaskets will form into a glue that will seal the backs on certain watches that have not been opened for years. Another factor is how strong your hands are, since you do have to hold the watch in your hand. What the case ball does for you is to allow you to open most cases without having to set up another tool and run the risk of scratching the case back. Another tool to open difficult case backs for the first time will still be needed. Again, what the ball does is save time and removes the risk of damage to cases.


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