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Leather Straps For Watches

Ladies Regular has a useable length of 6 inches
Ladies Long is 6 1/2 inches

Men's Regular is same as ladies long and that is 6 1/2 inches.
Mens Long is 7 inches

Minimum Order Amount is $18.00 before Shipping charges are added.


Otto Frei Exclusive - Leather Straps


Italian Made Buffalo Leather Straps


Italian Made Crocodile Watch Strap


Italian Made Lama Leather Straps


Italian Made Lizard Watch Strap


Italian Made Oilskin Leather Straps


Italian Made Textured Calf Leather Straps


Italian Made Open End "Aperto" Soft Lama Flat Stitch Leather Straps


WBHQ / Alligator Grain Leather Straps


WBHQ / Classic Calf Leather Straps


WBHQ / Classic Oilskin Leather Straps


WBHQ / Croco Grain Leather Straps


WBHQ / Gator Chrono Leather Straps


WBHQ / Lizard Grain Leather Straps


WBHQ / Luxe Java Lizard Leather Straps Made In America


WBHQ / Luxe Stingray Leather Straps Made In America


WBHQ / Luxury Calf Leather Straps


WBHQ / Oilskin Chrono Leather Straps


WBHQ / Polished Calf Leather Straps


WBHQ / Saddle Stitched Leather Straps


WBHQ / Smooth Calf Leather Straps


WBHQ / Genuine Crocodile Watch Straps


WBHQ / Genuine Lizard Watch Straps


WBHQ / Buffalo Texture Leather Strap


WBHQ / Teju Grain Leather Strap


WBHQ / Suede Leather Straps


WBHQ / Mens Long Leather Straps


WBHQ / Ladies Long Leather Straps


Kreisler Men's Genuine Lizard & Crocodile


Kreisler's Mens Genuine Leather


Kreisler's Mens-Longs & Shorts, Lizards & Crocodile


16 & 20 mm Rust Color Matt Croco Grain Leather Strap


Extra Wide Lug SIze Watch Straps 22 to 30 mm


Tag Heuer 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 22 mm Leather Watch Straps


Click Here For Ladies And Gents Fashion Color Straps

Click Here For Ladies And Gents Fashion Color Straps

Genuine Leather Straps with Comfort Holes


Rhein Fils Straps, Founded in Switzerland 1913


Bands to Fit Swatch


Bands to fit Swiss Army


Genuine Longines Watch Straps

In sizes 17 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 21 mm & 23 mm

Tissot Watch Straps


Carbon Fiber Style Sport Straps

22 MM Size


Hand Stitched Waterproof Extreme Comfort Leather Straps


Extra Long Leather Straps


14 MM Leather Watch Band Straps


16 MM Leather Watch Band Straps


18 MM Leather Watch Band Straps


20 MM Leather Watch Band Straps


22 MM Leather Watch Band Straps


Di-Modell Made in Germany Premium Leather Straps


Genuine Calvin Klein "cK" Leather Strap


Strap For Hamilton, Certina, Wenger and more


Push Button Butterfly Buckles for Leather Straps


Deployment Buckle for Leather Straps


Powerful LED Light Box for Charging 3 Solar Watches

Keep your Solar watches charged! Beautifully Lacquer Finished Charging Box

Solar watch owners complained that their watches was not charged when they want to wear it. Well, this new powerful LED Light Box for 3 Solar Watches can charge the watches while they are stored inside with the lid closed. High quality structure of the box will prevent any light leakage and will not disturb your sleep even in the bedroom. Yes, the outside finish is real wood! Each is made from the finest Burlwood paper veneer for outstanding character and finish. Use it to keep your watched from losing its charge, or when a watch is completely discharged then placed it inside the box for recharging, an 8 hour charge will give the capacitor more than 60% power.

If you don't have solar watches, you can also use this as a display box with the lid open and the LED light shining on your expensive piece.

Box is equipped with 3 individual light switches located on the back, allowing users to charge up to 3 solar watches. Power supply comes with a USA plug attached and works in the USA as well as Internationally anywhere that has voltage from 100v - 240v. International customers will need to go to their local electronics store to get an adapter. This unit is not battery operated.

Measurements: 8 3/4" Length X 4 3/8" Depth X 3 3/8" Height (222 X 110 X 88 MM).




NATO Straps Leather & Nylon

Nato straps and watch bands in Leather and Nylon
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