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Capacitors, Seiko Kinetic Rechargeable Battery

These capacitors are the genuine Seiko replacement capacitors that Seiko is now supplying for the Kinetic watch line. If you want to call them rechargeable batteries instead of a capacitor it is okay with us. These capacitors replace the original capacitors chemical composition with different chemicals, Lithium-ion (some-say) which allows these capacitors to hold the charge longer. These are the same system now as the Citizen Capacitors and the basic shells are made by Panasonic for both of these watch companies. The old capacitors Seiko first used on these watches were discontinued and replaced by these capacitors a few years back. We have none of the old style in stock.

Important Note:
Always use the Watch Movement Caliber Number or the Published Seiko Stock Numbers to select the genuine Seiko Capacitor/Rechargeable Battery, since the number stamped on the item can be the same as others of the same size made by Panasonic, made without the correct placements of the connectors that make each capacitor unique for the Seiko or Citizen Watch Movement you have.

After installing a new Capacitor in a Seiko Kinetic Watch you must shake or swing the watch from 800 to 2,000 time to fully charge the new capacitor.

Seiko Capacitor 3023.24X

For Seiko Watch Movement Calibers Number 5J21, 5J22 and 7D48

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Seiko Capacitor 3023.5MZ

For Seiko Watch Movement Calibers Number 5M22, 5M23, 5M42 and 5M43. Also replacement for 3023.24T which is used in PUL YT57B, PUL YT58, Sek 7L22A

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Seiko Capacitor 3023.24R

For Seiko Watch Movement Calibers Number 7M22, 7M42 and 7M45


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Seiko Capacitor 3023.44Z

For Seiko Watch Movement Calibers Number 5M62, 5M63 and 5M65

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Seiko Capacitor 3027.26Y

For Seiko Watch Movements Caliber # 1M20


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Seiko Capacitor 3027.3MZ

For Seiko Watch Movement Calibers Number 3M21 and 3M22


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Seiko Capacitor 3027.4MZ

For Seiko Watch Movement Calibers Number 4M21

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Seiko Capacitor 3027.26T

For Seiko Watch Movements Caliber # V114


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Seiko Capacitor For 9T82 Not Available

Cannot supply, watches with this movement need to be sent to Seiko for service.


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