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Sweep Second Hands


Sweep Second Hands Hole Size 0.25 mm


Sweep Second Hands Hole 0.35 mm


Sweep Second Hands, with Luminous Paint


Sweep Second Hands in Gold


Sweep Second Hands in Silver


Sweep Second Hands in Red


Sweep Second Hands in Black


Sweep Second Hands in Blue


Sweep Second Hands in Orange


Sweep Second Watch Hands Yellow


Sweep Second Watch Hands Green


Sweep Second Hands in White


Bergeon Counter Balanced Quartz Second Hands


Sweep Second Watch Hands Swiss Neon Colors, Lime, Orange, Pink


Sweep Second Hands in Gold with Red Arrow Tip


Sweep Second Hands in Silver with Red Arrow Tip


Sweep Second Hands in Blue with Red Arrow Tip


Sweep Second Hands with Long Post


Sweep Second Hands, for Landeron, Venus and Valjoux

Hole Sizes 0.27 mm & 0.25 For Vintage Chronograph Watchess

Sweep Second Watch Hands With Heads / Tails


Quick Pick 7 Bright Color Sweep Hands Hole 0.20 mm

Bright colors sweep second hands are all 13 mm long from center post to tip. Seven different colors, with four oil paint colors: Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange. Three Swiss Neon Flouorescent colors: Lime-green, Red-orange, Purple-pink.




Quick Pick 6 Heads/Tails Sweep Hands Hole 0.20 mm




Assortment of Sweep Second Hands with 5 Different Shaft Heights

Do you need Sweep Second Hands with different Post Heights? Assortment contains 5 different shaft heights, 3 different hole sizes and 5 different colors. Shaft heights 0.70, 1.0, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8 mm in hole sizes 0.17, 0.20, and 0.25 mm. Three pieces each color Red, Black, White, Gold and Silver in each size for a total of 225 pieces.

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