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Bergeon Assortments of Watch Parts


Bergeon Assortments Of Screws For Watches

Click Here For Bergeon Assorments Of Watch Screws

Bergeon Assorments Of Watch Click And Jumper Springs

Click Here For Bergeon Assorments Of Watch Click And Jumper Springs

Bergeon Assortments of Balance Parts

Click Here For Bergeon Assortments of Collets, Friction-Jewels, Rollers, Studs, Timing-Washers

Bergeon Standard NIHS Watch & Clock Screws

Click Here For NIHS Standard Watch And Clock Screws From Bergeon, Assortments And Refills Available

Bulk Dial Washers for Watches, 50 Pieces

Do you only need a few Dial washers. Here is a 50 pieces assortment that will get you started and contains sizes from wrist watches up to pocket watches.




Bulk Dial Washers for Watches, 100 Pieces

Dial washers, 100 pieces total in this assortment that contains all sizes from wrist watches to pocket watches.




Bulk Dial Washers for Watches, 200 Pieces

Dial washers, 200 pieces total in this assortment that contains all sizes from wrist watches to pocket watches.




Copper Dial-Feet Assorted for Wrist Watches

100 piece assortment Swiss Made.




Bergeon Brass Tappered Pins
For case joints, assorted sizes.


Bergeon Assortment of Contact Springs for Batteries




Assortment of Round Dial Brass Washers for American Pocket Watches

For American pocket watches with sizes 00, 0, 12, 16, and 18. One gross each size, a total of five gross.




Bergeon 10101 Assortment of Marquise or Claw Springs

Used on to spring open the covers on hunting case Pocket Watches and also clamp on ladies watch bracelets.

Discontinued. No longer Available


Bergeon 30132 Pocket Watch Timing Washer Assortment

Bergeon 30132 timing washer assortment for pocket watches. 300 pieces.

Discontinued, No longer available.


The Bergeon main catalog in 1 volume

The main catalog of professional material for the watchmaker and the jeweler is a guide, a working instrument with a lot of ideas.

20,000 references 1'200 pages
4'700 pictures
800 technical drawings
4 languages (French, German, English, Spanish)

FB-Bergeon Catalog
Discontinued, Bergeon is no longer printing their main catalog


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