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Waterproof Testers


Bergeon 5555/10 Waterproof Wet Case Tester 10ATM

This is the newest waterproof case tester from Bergeon. The Bergeon 5555/10 can waterproof test to 10ATM (100 meters - 330 feet). The Bergeon Wet Waterproof tester allows you to see where the leak is coming from on the watch case. Fill the cylinder with water up to the indicated level. It is preferable to use distilled water in order to avoid limy deposit. Hang the watch on the plunger above the water line, seal the jar. Raise the pressure in the jar to preferred ATM with the pump handle. With the case under pressure before entering the water, when lowered into the water if you have any leaks only air bubbles will escape from the watch. No water will get in before you have chance to spot the leak and remove the watch from the water. The Bergeon 10ATM tester 5555/10, features a removeable cylinder for easy draining, pump handle to manually increase pressure, can hold up to 2 watches at a time, and tests water resistance from 0 - 10 ATM. This waterproof tester can also be connected to a compressor or external pump using the optional connector kit 5555/10-R (sold separately). Dimentions: 390 x 245 x 153 mm from base to tip of handle. Cylinder diameter is 70 mm.



Replacement Cylinder for Bergeon 5555/10 Waterproof Case Tester

Removable cylinder for draining.



Replacement Gasket Set for Bergeon 5555/10 Waterproof Case Tester

This is the complete gasket replacement kit for the Bergeon 5555/10 waterproof tester.




Connector Kit for 5555/10

Used to connect a compressor or external pump to the 5555/10 waterproof tester.




Bergeon Wet Waterproof Case Tester 5555/98 3ATM

Bergeon, has decided to re-release the 555/98 3ATM tester, after customers voiced there need for a 3ATM tester.

Discontinued, replaced by the 5555/10

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Replacement Gasket Set for Bergeon 5555/98 Waterproof Case Tester

This is the complete gasket replacement kit for the Bergeon 5555/98 waterproof tester. Contains 10 different rubber o-ring gaskets and 1 flat metal washer gasket.



Replacement Cylinder for Bergeon 5555/98 Waterproof Case Tester

Replacement Plexi-cylinder for 5555/98 waterproof case tester.



Replacement Cap Locking Rod for Bergeon 5555/98 Waterproof Case Tester

This is the rod on the side of the machine which locks the cap in place.



Bergeon 5555/98 Waterproof Case Tester Conversion Kit

Since the old waterproof case tester 5555 has been discontinued, Bergeon has developed this conversion kit to convert the old 5555 3ATM model made before 1998 to the current 3ATM model 5555/98 waterproof case tester. Kit comes with a new top, cylinder, watch holder, bottom, and gaskets.

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