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Case Cushions


Bergeon 5394 Case Cushion With Metal Ring

Case Cushion with a hollowed center, covered with stamoid, non-scratching for glass. Held together by a nickelled brass ring. For casing and uncasing movements, opening & closing cases and giving protection while making regulating corrections. Has a diameter of 53 mm.




New Bergeon 5394-P Case Cushion With Plastic Ring

Made by Bergeon under the request of Rolex®, who were concerned that the metal ring of the old cushion could somehow scratch the case. Has a diameter of 53 mm.




Bergeon 5394-PG Large Case Cushion w/ Plastic Ring

Same as the 5394-P but with a 80 mm diameter to hold large cases.




Bergeon 5393-75 Large Non-Slip Case Cushion

Large 75 mm diameter case cushion holds just about any watch case on the market. This new type of holder with soft, non-slip material on both sides will leave no marks on your case. Click here for a demonstration on this product




New Bergeon 5395-55 Soft Gel Case Cushion

Soft gel case cushion designed to slightly contour and not scratch the watch case. Has a diameter of 55 mm.




New Bergeon 5395-75 Soft Gel Case Cushion

Soft gel case cushion designed to slightly contour and not scratch the watch case. Has a diameter of 75 mm.




Horotec Case Cushion with Built in Slot for Parts, Jumbo Size (Now with Cover)

This new case cushion has a 90.00 mm diameter to hold larger cases. It stands 15.00 mm tall and has a built in slot for small parts while taking apart your piece. Treat yourself with this latest creation from Horotec, great for all watchmakers and hobbyist alike.


MSA 09.305

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Horotec Case Cushion, Extra Large

This Case Cushion is wrapped with a metal ring. The extra large 76 mm diameter (3") can help when working on the ever larger monster watch.

MSA 09.304



Horotec Case Cushion With Plastic Ring

This Case Cushion is wrapped around with a plastic ring. The diameter of this piece is 56.2mm.

MSA 09.303



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