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Watch Strap Tools


First-Quality Spring Bar Tool

This is the best spring bar tool on the market. Max Sussman, who gave me a sample many years ago (1984-85?), discovered it. I did not think much of it at first, and it spent about a year in my desk. One day a customer came in and wanted help removing bars from a Seiko Divers Watch. We tried everything, and then I remembered that this tool was in my desk. Within seconds we had the spring bars removed and I have never used another tool since. It took me about three years to convince Bergeon to sell this tool, while the guy from India was ready to copy it the first time I showed him the tool. It comes with one tip that is reversible: a small fork on one end and a pin pusher on the other. The other tip is a large fork, which is the most useful end for removing spring bars quickly on leather straps and is the end which will remove the bars on Seiko rubber divers bands. The small fork is for grabbing spring bars for the backside of metal bands. Bergeon is not the Swiss maker of this tool, however Bergeon sells this item by the number 6111.

There is no doubt among the users of this tool the it is the best spring bar tool to buy. I have been using spring bars tools for over 40 years now and no other tool is even worthy of your consideration. Do not be fooled by the claims of those who simply never used this tool. Here are some comments of real users: "The small fork is exactly the same size on the FB-504 (6111) as the AF17.450/BERG-6767-F, which measures 1.20 mm; the pin is exactly the same size on each. The advantage of the 6111 is that you can get the larger spade fork in addition to the pin & small fork tips. I don't believe it's an option for the other model. The 6111 tips are double-ended, with a pin on one end and a fork on the other, which may help you decide. The collets lock the tip in place, while the other tool's tips screw in. I have both, by the way. I use the 6111 99% of the time. Sometimes you need to use two at the same time, which is why I have another."
Another person writes, "I've owned the 6111 (FB-504) for years and love it, I've currently got the small fork on one end and the small pin on the other, it's a very useful tool. The large fork is useful for pushing straps out of the way in order to get to the spring bar flanges."

"Watchmakers Tip" when faced with a design that requires both end of the spring bars tip to be removed at the same time. Simply remove one end first and block the tip from going back into the hole with a piece of paper and then proceed to remove the tip on the out side so you can now remove the bracelet.




First-Quality Bergeon 6111 Spring Bar Tool With Bergeon's Name Stamped On It

This is the exactly the same tool as the FB-504, which now sells for an unbelievable low price of $24.95 and made at the same factory in Switzerland. The only thing different is this tool has the name Bergeon Stamped on, comes in a yellow Bergeon box and cost $37.94 instead of $24.80 This tool is for those who have to have tools stamped with the Bergeon name. Please be aware that others might sell this Bergeon 6111 spring bar tool and call it the Bergeon tool, however it does not have the Bergeon name and 6111 number stamped on it. Nickel-plated and knurled handle. Length : 140 mm.




Bergeon 8111 Spring Bar Tool with Special Profile Handle

Newly designed spring bar tool with special profile handle. Uses the bits 6111D (1.20 mm fork/0.80 pin) and 6111E (4 mm fork).



Set of Two Tips for First-Quality Spring Bar Tool

Swiss made for the FB-504, BERG-6111 and also the 81111 Spring Bars Tools.



Fork End For The First-Quality Spring Bar Tool

Large Fork Tip is 4 mm wide.

Swiss made for the FB-504, BERG-6111 and also the 8111 Spring Bars Tools.



Reversible Pin & Small Fork End For The First-Quality Spring Bar Tool

Pin diameter is 0.80 mm and small fork width is 1.20 mm. Swiss made for the FB-504, BERG-6111 and also the 8111 Spring Bars Tools.




Standard Original Bergeon 3153 Black Body Spring Bar Tool

I think this tool is a waste of time and money. Sure this was state of the art 50 years ago; still some people have yet to be enlightened so we still sell this Swiss made tool. You will not see me wasting my time trying to use this tool, but that shouldn't stop you from trying it, I just might be wrong. It's just that I've been replacing straps for 30 years now.



Forked Replacement Tips for FB-500

Swiss made for the (FB-500) BERG-3153 Black Body Spring Bars Tools.



Pin-End Replacement tips for FB-500

Swiss made for the (FB-500) BERG-3153 Black Body Spring Bars Tools.




Economy Spring Bar Tool

Economy spring bar tool with forked end and pin end. Forked end measures 1.80 mm and pin end measures 0.80 mm.



Pin-End Replacement tips for SBT200.00



Forked End Replacement tips for SBT200.00




Japanese Style Spring Bar Tool

This popular model is called "Japanese" style because it originated in Japan and features a special shaped fork tip. Many people prefer this shape for getting under straps and bands. Anodized aluminum body with hardened tool steel double-ended tip. Forked end measures 1.60 mm and pin end measures 0.70 mm.



Reversible Replacement Tip for SBT205.00

Reversible replacement tip for SBT205.00. Forked end measures approximately 1.6 mm and pin end measures 0.70 mm.




Pin Pusher

Basic tool that everyone needs to have. This harden steel pin can be sharpened time after time.




Bergeon 30225 Leather Band Hole Punch

By far, the best tool available for making extra holes in Leather straps. The Bergeon leather stap hole punching tool, has two diameter punches 1.0 & 1.5 mm. Fine quality. Length 160 mm. In aluminium casting.



Replacement 1.00MM Punch Tip for FB-523

Replacement 1.00MM punch tip for Bergeon leather band hole punch FB-523.



Replacement 1.50MM Punch Tip for FB-523

Replacement 1.50MM punch tip for Bergeon leather band hole punch FB-523.




Self Strap Hole Punch Made In China

Inexpensive tool for driving extra holes in watch straps. Includes punches with diameters 1.00mm, 1.50 mm, 2.00 mm, 3.00 mm, 3.50 mm, and 4.00 mm.




6-in-1 Hole Punch Plier, Made in Germany

Rotating punches make six different size holes; 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, and 5.00 mm. Made in Germany. Length: 200 mm.




Hole punching plier

Punch extra holes in your regular length straps to make them fit on small or large wrists. Punches a 2.0 diameter hole.



Hole Punching Plier 1.5 mm Diameter




Hole Punching Plier 1.8 mm Diameter

Rubber grip makes it easier to punch extra holes in your regular length straps to make them fit on small or large wrists. Punches a 1.8 diameter hole. Comes with spare punch tip.




Deluxe Hole Punching Plier 2.0 mm Diameter with Rubber Grip

Rubber grip makes it easier to punch extra holes in your regular length straps to make them fit on small or large wrists. Punches a 2.0 diameter hole. Box joint construction. Length: 145 mm.

MSA 11.816



Watch Band Lug Size Gauge

What size strap do you need? With this handy gauge you would be able to answer that question in seconds. Made of 22 gauge sheet stainless steel this gauge will last a lifetime. Size the watch case lug or the watch band with this tool. Length: 125 mm. Graduations: 6 to 22 mm.

Measuring straps.




Bergeon 6789 Flexible Measuring Band For Wrists

Resistant synthetic material. It fits easily to the wrist. Graduated in mm and inches. Easy use and measuring. Black in color. Goes up to 10 1/4" & 235MM.




Movement Ligne and American Size Gauge

Gauge measures in watch lignes sizes and millimeters on one side, while the other side gives American watch movement sizes.

For measuring the diameter (0 to 60 mm) or the number of ligne sizes (2 to 24) of a movement. Length: 108 mm.




Bergeon 6730 Base to Screw and Unscrew Bracelets

In brass. Base dia: 70 mm. With 4 screwdriver blades dia: 1.00, 1.40, 1.80, and 3.00 mm. Working blade with adjustable height. Removable rubber protection on top. Very stable.


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Bergeon 6620 Strap-Notching Tool

This Bergeon tool is the Rolls Royce of watch-strap notching tools. The complete set contains Wooden Stand, Pliers with 1 rotating 6 slotted die head, 3 half-round punches, #6620-G 2 mm x 5.8 mm, #6620-H 4 mm x 5.8 mm, #6620-J 6 mm x 8.50 mm, and 3 rectangular punches #6620-D 2 mm x 5 mm, #6620-E 4 mm x 5 mm, #6620-F 6 mm x 7.5 mm. Used for cutting shapes into leather straps, not for hole punching. An ideal tool for the demanding professional. In aluminium casting. Fine quality. Length 160 mm. With adjustable strap guide.

Special $256.00



New Bergeon 30227 Pliers to Cut Hole For Quick Change Spring Bars

It is now place to make professional cuts for the Quick Change Spring Bars in any leather strap.

Pin in center of tool, holds the strap in place and also has a slot in it not shown which cutter goes thru.

Cutter starts to rise.

Cuts neat and clean ready to add a quick change spring bar.

This plier has been developed especially to fit spring bars with lever on a normal bracelet.




Replacement Center Pin for New Bergeon Pliers to Cut Hole For Quick Change Spring Bars

Replacement Center Pin for Bergeon Plier (BERG-30227-OE-SPEC).

Out of Stock


EuroTool Watch Strap Notching Plier 3.0 mm

Used to cut a 3 mm wide notch into leather straps, not for hole punching




Watch Bracelet Tools


Spring Bars, Band Screws & Pins


Replacement Parts For The Bergeon 6620 Pliers To Cut Shapes On Strap Ends
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