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Bergeon Lathes


Bergeon 1766-B Swiss-Made Lathe in Wood Case

This is an extraordinary item for the watchmaker who wants a complete shop and wants the absolute best. With dozens of accesories, from an adjustable tailstock to to a Jacob's chuck and everything in between, this is a complete lathe outfit that also allows grinding, milling, and drilling. In wooden case. Contents Headstock, right hand Drilling tailstock Fixed tailstock (2x) Swing over hand rest with 2 T-rests Bed, length 325 mm Gap bed, length 275 mm Foot-clamp 2 feet, with key, No 10-A Slide-rest, with cutter Milling attachment Grinding attachment Divided plate 160 mm 3-jaw self centring chuck Universal self centring chuck 3-jaw face place Wood screw chuck, with tapered thread Set of 40 split chucks (See page No 5040 L) Set of 10 crown chucks Set of 5 step chucks Set of 5 ring step chucks Box chuck with 8 clamping-screws Grinding wheel holder Milling cutter holder Jacob's chuck 5 brass wax chucks, with steel adaptor Carrier chuck Universal runner (See page No 5040 Q) Centring plate with 10 tapered holes Jacot drum with 18 grooves, 0,35 to 1,40 mm Combined runner, with slide Stake holder runner, with 10 stakes Set of 2 stake-holders Roller rest Saw table Tool post Drilling table With a Bergeon list price in US Dollars of $38,809.817 inside Switzerland this is also an excellent landed price in the USA.




Bergeon Model 50 Lathe with Milling and Grinding Attachments

Complete with motor #6000 and all thess parts shown on the accessories page.

5412-S Wooden Stand, 1766-21S set of 68 collets, 1766-23S five step chucks on stand, 1766-24S five ring chucks on stand, 1766-22S ten crown chucks, 1766-28S (1 box chuck with 8 screws No.1766-25, 1 grinding-wheel holder No. 1766-26, 1 Jacob's chuck No. 1766-28, 1 wood screw No. 1766-20.), 1766-33S (1 drum with grooves No. 1766-33, 2 stake holders No. 1766-36, 1 universal runner No. 1766-31.), 1766-34S combined runner, 1766-35S stake runner with 10 stakes, 1766-39S (1 tool post No. 1766-39, 6cutters. 1 roller rest No. 1766-37, 1 saw table No.1766-38.), 1766-17S (1 chuck No. 1766-16, 1 chuck No. 1766-15, 1 3-jaw face-plate No. 1766-19.), 1766-30S (1 carrier chuck No. 1766-30, 1 centering plate with 10 holes No. 1766-32, 6 wax chucks No. 1766-29.), 1766-34AS combined runner, 5412-9 milling attachment, 5412-10 grinding attachment, 1766-14 dividing plate, 30535-C tension attachment.




Bergeon 50 Lathe

Standard model, length 325 mm, 1 headstock #5412-2, 1 tailstock #5412-4, 1 hand operated compound slide rest #5412-7, 1 T-rest #5412-6, 1 bed #5412-1.

Motor #6800 is $2,589.00 extra and has electronic control at constant torque.

Bergeon 5412



Drilling Tailstock for Model 50 Lathe

Drilling tailstock with adjustable drilling runner to take split chucks with a shank diameter of 8 mm.

Not included with #5412-B-110




Bergeon 1766-17 Self Centering Step Chuck

External step chuck with overall diameter of 70 mm. Thread shank diameter of 8 mm to fit watchmakers lathes like Boley, Favorite, Leinen, Schaublin, Star and many more.




Bergeon Model 50 Lathe Accessories


Used Lathes & Borel Lathe Mount


Bergeon-Tecnoli Gear Cutters


Click Here For Individual Sizes Of Bergeon Collet Chucks


Bergeon 3 MM Lathe Belting 3 foot section
Plastic transmission belt - Round. Red colour. Very supple, absolutely noiseless and without junction. This belt may be cut at the required length and joined in a few seconds with hot knife by melting ends together.
Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 4     5+  
Price $6.00 $4.50 $3.00


Bergeon 5 MM Lathe Belting 3 foot section
Plastic transmission belt - Round. Red colour. Very supple, absolutely noiseless and without junction. This belt may be cut at the required length and joined in a few seconds with hot knife by melting ends together.
Quantity   1 - 2     3 - 4     5+  
Price $6.00 $4.50 $3.00


The Bergeon main catalog in 1 volume

The main catalog of professional material for the watchmaker and the jeweler is a guide, a working instrument with a lot of ideas.

20,000 references 1'200 pages
4'700 pictures
800 technical drawings
4 languages (French, German, English, Spanish)

FB-Bergeon Catalog
Discontinued, Bergeon is no longer printing their main catalog
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