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Quartz Watch Movements

Professional Use Only 

Quartz movements are far more sensitive then a regular mechanical movement. A quartz movement is combination of sensitive electronic and micro mechanical parts. The danger and damage from dust or static electricity cannot be understated and understanding the proper handling and are in vital to any success.


Movement Returns


Since the advent of the Quartz watch watchmakers have entered the electronic age. Manufactures do not warranty quartz movements used for repair. No Credit or Exchange will be made after 10 days. Inspect the movement upon first receiving it and before installing. If at this time your not satisfied, return the entire movement in new condition in the original packaging, within 10 days of the invoice date. When sending the movement back be sure to package so that it will not be damaged in while transit. Include the return form on the invoice and a description of the problem. Any further warranty is between you and your customer. We are not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages.




All ETA / ESA Quartz Watch Movements


Miyota Quartz Watch Movements


HQ Harley Ronda Quartz Movements


ISA Quartz Watch Movements


Japanese "VB", "VC", "VD", "VE", "VJ", "VK", "VP", "VR", & "VS" Quartz Watch Movements


Japanese "VX" Quartz Watch Movements


Japanese "AL" & "PC" Quartz Watch Movements


Japanese "V" Quartz Watch Movements, 500 Series


Japanese "V" Quartz Watch Movements, 700 Series


Japanese "V" Quartz Watch Movements, 800 Series


Japanese "V" Quartz Watch Movements, 100 thru 400 Series


Japanese "Y", "YL", "YM", "YR", & "YT" Quartz Watch Movements


Mechanical Watch Movements


Orient Quartz Movements


Citizen Quartz Watch Movements


"SE" Swiss Ebauche Watch Movements


Seiko Watch Movements


Timex Quartz Watch Movements


"FE" French Ebauche Watch Movements


Plastic Movement Holders 72 Piece Assortment Most Popular Ladies Sizes

72 pieces assortment of plastic movement holders. Assortment includes: 22 pcs for MIYOTA 2035,5 pcs for MIYOTA 5Y30, 10 pcs for MIYOTA 2005 and 2015, 10 pcs for ESA 956.114 and other 7 3/4 ligne movements, 10 pcs for ESA 956.414 and other 8 3/4 ligne movements, 15 pcs for MIYOTA 2105 and 2115.




Plastic Movement Holders For 10 1/2 Ligne Movements

Total of 12 pieces.




Plastic Movement Holders For Re-Casing 11 1/2 Ligne Movements

Movement ring assortment for re-casing popular 11 1/2 ligne Quartz and Mechanical Movements. Kit Includes 2 pieces movement ring for ETA 2824-2 11 1/2 movement with ring height of 4.60 mm. This assortment also includes ring for ETA 255.111, ETA 955.112, Ronda 7215, VX 42, Ronda 315, VX 43E for a total of 12 pieces.



Plastic Movement Holders For 13 1/2 Ligne Movements

Total of 12 pieces.



Plastic Movement Holders For 7 3/4 Ligne Movements

Kit include 12 pieces of 7 3/4 ligne and height 2.50mm movement rings for ETA 956.112 and ETA 956.032




Movement Ligne and American Size Gauge

Gauge measures in watch lignes sizes and millimeters on one side, while the other side gives American watch movement sizes.

For measuring the diameter (0 to 60 mm) or the number of ligne sizes (2 to 24) of a movement. Length: 108 mm.




Horotec Turbo Pulse 19.110 for Quartz Watches

The electronic tester release the wheel train and test the electronic parts of quartz watches.

It determines if the coil/circuit is functioning; and also analyzes the wheel train of most quartz analog watch movements. This battery-operated tester is a pass/fail test for electronics of the movement. It also allows you to spin the hands to see if they are catching on anything as well as unjam the wheel train. Every watchmaker should have at least one of this tester. Very useful.

Voltage: 110v/220v. Dimensions: 90mm x 150mm x 30mm.
Do Not use for testing mechanical watches.

MSA 19.110
Has been discontinued by Horotec


Horotec Quartz Watch Turbo Tester 19.107

This electronic apparatus tests the mechanical side of analogic quartz watch movements (wheel train).

The Horotec Turbo Tester gives powered magnetic impulsion for turning the wheel train and watch hands of the analog quartz watches without opening the watch case.

Do Not use for testing mechanical watches.

MSA 19.107



Horotec Quartz Watch Pulse Tester 19.106

This electronic apparatus tests the eletronic side of analogic quartz watch movements (coil/circuit).

The Horotec Pulse Tester intercepts impulsion coming from coil of the quartz movement. Light and sound comes on when a signal is picked up.

Do Not use for testing mechanical watches.

MSA 19.106



Crown Stoppers for Men Watches, Package of 100

Red in color. Holds crown out from activation. Sold in package of 100 pieces.




Crown Stoppers for Women Watches, Package of 100

White in color. Holds crown out from activation. Sold in package of 100 pieces.




EBOSA Quartz Watch Movements
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