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Omega Watch Movement Parts

Omega Watch Parts Are Ordered By Caliber Number.

We have no interest in the name of the model you have.

Seamaster, Speedmaster mean nothing to us, numbers do!

Case numbers are used to select case parts (crown, crystals).
Case number is located inside the back case.

Bracelet numbers are stamped on the back of the Bracelet.
Use the Bracelet number to order links and tubes.

Please visit the main Omega page for information about ordering Omega items.
Click Here for the main Omega page.
We have no information by model name or date.


List of Omega Part Number & Names


Omega 321-860-861-910-930 Parts


Omega Caliber 330, 351, 352 & 354 Parts


Omega Caliber 470 Watch Movement Parts


Omega Caliber 500 and 505


Omega 620, 660, 670, 683 & 685 Movement Parts


Omega 710 Watch Movement Parts


Omega 750 Watch Movement Parts


Omega 980 Parts


Omega 1000, 1010, 1011, 1012, 1020, 1021, 1022, 1030 & 1035 Parts


Omega Caliber 1040 Watch Parts


Omega 1045 Parts


Omega Caliber 1480 Watch Movement Parts


Omega Watch Mainsprings


Set Bridges Omega Part #1110 "Setting Lever Springs"


Omega Day And Date Dials


Stems For Omega Watch Movements


Omega Vintage Watch Barrel Arbors


Omega Vintage Watch Barrels


Omega Vintage Watch Clicksprings


Omega Vintage Watch Clutch Levers "Yokes"


Omega Vintage Watch Center Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch Third Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch 4th Wheels without Second Bit


Omega Vintage Watch 4th Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch Cannon Pinions


Omega Vintage Watch Escape Wheel


Omega Vintage Watch Hour Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch Minute Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch Set Springs (Yokes)


Omega Vintage Watch Set Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch Set Levers (Detent) Part 1109


Omega Vintage Watch Sweep Second Cannon Pinions


Omega Vintage Watch Sweep Second Friction Springs


Omega Vintage Watch Sweep Second Hour Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch Sweep Second Pinions


Omega Vintage Watch Sweep Second Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch Clutch Wheels (Sliding Pinions)


Omega Vintage Watch Ratchet Wheels


Omega Vintage Watch Winding Pinions


Omega Vintage Watch Complete Pallet Forks with Arbor and Stones


Omega Vintage Watch Balance Completes


Omega Watch Parts, Tools, Bracelets


Looking For A Watch Part?


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Omega Caliber 671 #1043 Rotor Bridge with Axle

Also for Omega Watch movement calibers 672, 681, and 682.



Omega Caliber 1438 Hour Wheel


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Genuine Omega Caliber 1120 Barrel Complete with Mainspring

Also fits caliber 2500.


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Omega Caliber 320 #1109 Setting Lever (Detent)

The Omega caliber 320 Setting Lever is used in Calibers: 321, LEM 1270, LEM 1277, LEM 1280, LEM 1281, LEM CH27, LEM CH27C12, LEM S27, LEM S27T1, OME 27, OME 27C12, TIS 1277, TIS 1281, TIS 870, TIS 871, TIS C 27-4, TIS C27-4H,


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Omega Caliber 320 #1720 Operating Lever

Also for Calibers: Omega 321, Omega 860, Omega 861, Omega 27, Omega 27C12, Lemania CH27C12 and Tissot C27-4H


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Cell Strap with insulated screw To Fit Omega 1377

Discontinued, can no longer supply

Omega 320, #5443 Set Lever Screw
LEM 1872, LEM 1873, LEM 1883, LEM CH27, LEM CH27C12, OME 27, OME 27C12, OME 320, OME 321, OME 860, OME 861, OME 863, OME 865, OME 866, OME 910, OME 911, OME 920, OME 930, TIS 872, TIS 873, TIS C 27-4, TIS C27-4H,
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