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Watch Tools by Seiko


Seiko Push-Type Opener S-284

An inexpensive tool made by Seiko to open snap back cases. Comes in red handle.




Seiko Push-Type Opener S-283

Designed by Seiko to open some snap back cases easier. Comes in yellow handle.




Seiko Push-Type Opener S-282

Designed by Seiko to open some snap back cases easier. Comes in pink handle.




Seiko S-261 Snap-Back Case Opener

During my first trip to Hong Kong back in 93, I saw a version of this tool made by a German company. About a year later Seiko came out with this tool at half the price of the German model. Now everybody can open the back of snap-back cases without scratching the backside case or cutting into the coil. However, the openers blade can dig into and notch a soft gold case. It is best to use this tool on harder metal cases.




Seiko Case Holder S-212

For use when opening screw back cases. Rubber suction base hold firm and is ideal for desk/counter top use. Can hold cases from 22 - 70 mm.


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Seiko Multiple Band Sizing Tool S-926

This Seiko bracelet sizing tool is designed to make your Seiko band sizing jobs a whole lot easier to perform.

Equipped with band holders, blade holder, ruler, screwdriver holder, screwdriver, blades and pushing removing bit, pressor, removing bits/support bits, and band sizing holder.

3 removing bits sizes .45, .60, and .80 mm.
3 pipe install or support bits sizes .45, .60, and .80 mm.
3 screwdriver blades sizes (2x) 2.5 and (1x) 1.2 mm.
1 pushing removing bit.

Replacement bits are available from stock and will be added to the site soon.


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Seiko Multiple Band Sizing Tool S-926-03 Removing Bits

Removing bit comes with three different sizes: 0.45 mm, 0.60 mm, and 0.80 mm.



Seiko Multiple Band Sizing Tool S-926-SB Support Bits

Support bit comes with three different sizes: 0.45 mm, 0.60 mm, and 0.80 mm.



Seiko Multiple Band Sizing Tool S-261-01 Screwdriver Blade 2.5 mm

Screwdriver Blade 2.50 mm. Comes in a package of 2 pieces.




Seiko S-914 Bracelet Adjusting Screwdriver
1.00 mm diameter.
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Seiko Key S-822

Battery hatch opener.


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Now you can recharge your customer's power capacitor instead of replacing them. Seiko has developed a charger to charge SEIKO KINETIC watches. Depending on the model an out-of-power watch can be recharged in 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes. Every shop needs one of these chargers, and it also makes a good resale item to collectors who cannot wear their KINETIC enough to keep it fully charged. The dimensions are 5 1/2 x 5 x 1 1/2.

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